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3.1 – Top 10 Things I Want from Ulduar
February 20, 2009, 12:01 am
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Axiom feels like it is once again at the point where things are being farmed, even Sartharion 3D has started dropping for us with some regularity.  This pretty much means that, ludicrous lag and disconnects non-withstanding, we own all content.

And that means we have some amount of focus on what comes next – namely Ulduar.

Now that we’ve been exposed to some spoilers I am really starting to psyched.  I love norse mythology, and it seems like the Vault of the Titans is just going to be loaded with good old viking inspired lore.  But because so much is still unknown at the moment, there is an incentive to speculate and hope for things out of a new raid instance.

So, without further ado, here is The List of things I hope Blizzard does with the new content:

  1. Tier – 8 armor sets that do not look either recycled or varying takes on themes involving canopeners, or skeletons with axes for heads.
  2. A new shield that, on a Tauren, give the appearance that it was once used as the door to the President’s New Limo, or could feed a family of twelve.
  3. A PvP style encounter like in Blackrock Depths, or Magister’s Terrace.  In a 5 man, these were challenging and interesting encounters.  In a raid it seems like it would be a fun test of the raid’s talents.
  4. Opera 2.0 – I’ve always thought that this was the most fun encounters ever (I am told this is only on the top because I was always on the business end of Vaelastrasz).  In part because of the random-ness, but also in part because of the random musical interludes that it would inspire on Vent.
  5. Encounters designed so as not to be undoable if subject to lag.
  6. MORE BETTER TANKING TRINKETS.  (P.S. – F**K You Loken and your never dropping the damn Seal of the f***ing Pantheon)
  7. Quests/Lore pertaining to the instance.  Yes, I am looking for something more than Euphamistically Enclined Giants.
  8. Nothing that requires a 10 minute break just to loot things from a godd**n chest.
  9. Mounts inside the instance.  And I mean more than just the proposed Vehicle Encounter.
  10. And (lastly, as always) A two-hander that looks like the bad-ass giant totems wielded by the Tauren in Warcraft III.  I love to tank, but I would give it all up for one of those my secondary spec is totally going to be arms if I can get my hands on one of those.


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I am still using my Adamantine Figurine from Shadow Labs, how sad is that? I should really schedule a session of repeated HoL runs, but that’s no freaking fun. Tanking trinkets are a huge disappointment so far.

Comment by kadomi

I have, sadly, done chain runs through HoL – no luck.

The one time I saw it drop it was taken by a Death Knight pugger we were with. Curse my sense of fair play.

Honestly, if there were some quests or something that meant we could get a defense trinket it would be handy. If I had known it would be this much of a PITA I would have grabbed the Regal Protectorate instead of Bladefist’s Breath from the “Cruel’s Intentions” quest back in Helfire.

Comment by Tarsus

We’ve been begging for totems and those tri-pointed night elf glaive-thingies since the respective races were announced in the beta. Sadly I just don’t think it’s ever going to happen at this point :(

Comment by Yuki

@ Yuki – The likeliest candidate would be an Emerald Dream expansion (can we say focus on Night Elves and Tauren?), but hope springs eternal.

Comment by Tarsus

My pet tank would die of happiness if they gave him another Car Door Shield. I think he’d still use the one from BWL if anyone would let him.
I just want gear that doesn’t look stupid.
/paladin gear emo

Comment by Ambrosyne

@Ambrosyne – What? You don’t like the G-Force/Ultraman look?

Personally, I’d love to see more pally gear modeled off of the Judgement Set. The Warhammer 30k-esque look for paladins is just win.

Comment by Tarsus

[…] 3.1 – Top 10 Things I Want from Ulduar […]

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I completely agree with all of this. The shields look just ridiculous – although I have said I would tank with a beat up trash-can lid if it had monstrous stats…. And Loken is a greedy bastard. Took me 17 times to get that stupid trinket. Still waiting for the H Nax replacement to drop…

Comment by Brith

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