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The Sixth Screenshot Meme
February 20, 2009, 7:12 pm
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In case you missed it the Snark Sisters and Yakra of Mirror Shield (edit: and George from I’m Tanking What?!) tagged me with the sixth screenshot meme.

So without further ado I give you…


25 People kicking a dead sea giant.

…the death of Morogrim Tidewalker from Serpentshrine Cavern.  There were two simple lessons to go along with this screenshot.

Firstly, this fight is a heck of a lot easier if you have a bear tank the sea giant.  Buckets of health and armor are better than more avoidance.

Secondly, if your pally has no spellpower, Murlocs eat the raid.  My how the times have changed.

Now, the problem that comes once you get to this point is that you run out of people to start tanking, therefore I’m going to try and nail:

-Grim at Me and My Ghoul

-The Tankette

-Spinks of Spinksville

-Dear Billy Wallce the Casual Tank

Here’s hoping you can be more exciting than me.


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I miss my battle skirt :(

Comment by Yuki

Axes and skirts were meant to go together?

Comment by Tarsus

You’re popular. I had tagged you as well!

Comment by TGAPGeorge

@ TGAPGeorge – …for some reason your tag got caught in my spam filter. Consider it fixed.

Comment by Tarsus

Well, considering how bitter I was about having to farm them up (screw you, Karazhan), I can’t say I particularly miss the axes :)

I do still think the best part of being an enhancement shaman is getting to melee in a skirt, though.

Comment by Yuki

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