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Breaking: Warrior Tier 8 Revealed
February 24, 2009, 11:28 am
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Just a quick update here. Over at MMO Champion a picture of the Warrior Tier 8 Set was just posted.

Not sure if that is the Heroic or Valorous version, but it looks like one of my wishes came true.


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Incoming goat(se) warrior jokes.

Comment by Yuki

“It’s Nae a goat. It’s a ram, dammit!”

/dwarf voice

Comment by Tarsus

It has sheep (!)

Comment by spinks

It has something with big horns anyway. The design reminds me a lot of armor sets from Diablo.

It’s probably fitting that the our shoulders are fitted with animals usually used for ritual sacrifice. I mean, there are probably going to be a good number of tanks who have to die in order to appease the loot gods.

Comment by Tarsus


Oh, that my warrior could someday wear that.

Wait. Wouldn’t goat wearing goat be… wrong?

Comment by Anea

Goat on Goat Action?

Comment by Tarsus

needs bigger shoulders =P

Comment by gneekappa

@ gneekappa – Oh god, please no. My current shoulders have already annexed Dalaran.

Comment by Tarsus

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