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March 4, 2009, 12:01 am
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And then they tag you in the back.

A bit of context: This one is an RP meme, probably designed to reveal how many bloggers secretly harbor suits of chain mail and latex swords in their closets.  Or at the very least think of their toons as a bit more than just textures and bits on Blizzard’s servers. No idea who thought of this though.

Tarsus says:

What is your name and where did it come from?

I am Tarsus Grimtotem, Brave of the Grimtotem tribe.  My great grandmother, Magatha, the leader of our tribe gave me that name.  She said to me that I was named for the Raging Bull of the Sky, the warrior spirit of our people, who the Earthmother placed in the heavens to always remind the Tauren to never become complacent and weak.

How old are you and what is your birthday?

I came into the world on the windswept Mesas of the Thousand Needles nine-and-twenty summers ago, at the height of Midsummer.

Are you in love and with whom?

The warrior has no time for love.  The weight of the spirits is upon me and now is the time for the hunt.  When the hunt is finished, perhaps then I will be worthy of the woman of my tribe.

What is your favorite mount and why?

For centuries have my people followed the kodo herds across the plains of Kalimdor.  Their skins make our tents and clothes and bags; their meat feeds our bodies; their blood paints our face in time of war; their backs bear our weight wherever we can go.  If it was the Earthmother’s will that the kodo should have wings and fly, I would strike to the skies on one as well.

Do you have a preferred type of Azerothian meal and where do you get it from?

There is no finer feast than the hot dry flavor of the Spicy Crawdad.  The fire raises the passions, the meat fortifies the body.

You know those giant mushrooms in Zangermarsh? What is your theory on how they came to be and why they are so huge?

There are many stranger things than giant magic fungus in Outland.  Earth that floats through the sky?  Green fire and lava?  It is a strange land filled with strange things.  Giant magic fungus can be found in the Plaugelands – it is no mystery.

If you saw the Lich King walking toward you, what would you do?

It should surprise him that I travel with four-and-twenty of the Horde’s strongest, from among its mightiest legions.  Illidan and Kil’jaeden are crushed beneath our boot.  Does his skin burn when touched with magic flame?  Does he bleed from guns and arrows?  Does his helm rattle when struck with the shield?  The hunt is on, and Arthas is a fleeting white stag.  It is only a matter of time before we find him, better that he comes to us!

Oh, and in the spirit of this thing, I tag Kadomi of Tank Like a Girl and Billy Wallace, the Casual TankMay your kills be swift, and many!


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