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Breaking: Video of Tier 8 Armor
March 10, 2009, 1:14 pm
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Again, courtesy of MMO Champion, we’ve got some excellent video feed of the Tier 8 armor sets, this time parsed by race (not all races are in right now though).

As, of course, you are interested in the Warrior Set and not the other wussy sets, it starts at 1m 26s.



However, there’s some nice HD Screenshots for girls and boys of all races…

More Update:

And the stats for the tanking set are here.  Note the current lack of set bonuses. (Ia Ia Goats!)


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Hm, apparently I’ll be wearing Magtheridon on my shoulders.

Sounds kinda heavy.

Comment by Yuki

@ Yuki – I heard that being decapitated can lead to loosing some weight.

If you ask me it still looks more like a goat or ram.

Comment by Tarsus

Now see here mister, I don’t want to see your goats trying to nibble at my apples*!

This new armor will only bring chaos… CHAOS I SAY!

*see druid shoulders

Comment by Tigerfeet

@ Tigerfeet – All hail Eris?

Comment by Tarsus

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