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April 8, 2009, 12:01 am
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The following data spam comes courtesy of the Ulduar-25 Loot List on MMO Champion. I’ve parsed it for my fellow warrior tank homeys . Don’t say I haven’t saved you some time today.

Weapon Sorthalis, Hammer of the Watchers XT-002-25-Hard
Weapon Titanguard Leviathan-25
Ranged Veranus’ Bane Razorscale-25
Shield Northern Barrier Hodir-25
Chest Unbreakable Chestguard Auriaya-25
Feet Greaves of the Stonewarder Trash Mobs-25
Feet Charred Saronite Greaves Razorscale-25
Feet Plans: Spiked Deathdealers Multiple-25
Hands Handguards of Revitalization Freya-25-Hard
Hands Handguards of the Enclave Iron Council-25
Head Helm of the Faceless Vezax-25
Legs Saronite Plated Legguards Kologarn-25
Legs Legplates of the Endless Void ?-25-Hard
Shoulder Shoulderplates of the Deconstructor XT-002-25
Waist Dragonslayer’s Brace Razorscale-25
Waist Plans: Indestructible Plate Girdle Multiple-25
Wrist Mimiron’s Inferno Couplings Leviathan-25
Cloak Titanskin Cloak Freya-25-Hard
Cloak Cloak of the Makers Auriaya-25
Ring Platinum Band of the Aesir Auriaya-25
Ring Signet of the Earthshaker XT-002-25
Ring The Leviathan’s Coil Leviathan-25
Neck Titanstone Pendant Trash Mobs-25
Neck Bronze Pendant of the Vanir Freya-25-Hard
Neck Necklace of Unerring Mettle Kologarn-25
Trinket The General’s Heart Vezax-25
Trinket Heart of Iron Ignis-25

Some thoughts on this after the break.

My understanding is that this represents only loot that has actually dropped on the test realm.  With that grain of salt, however, let me say a few things.

  • We still have no idea where certain pieces of Siegebreaker Plate drop.  Legs and Helm are from Freya and Thorim respectively, but Shoulders, Chest, and Gloves are still unknown.  A safe bet is probably that Yog-Saron has at least one, my guess is that Chest is the most likely candidate.
  • One of the things that most distinguishes pieces that drop in Hard Mode is sockets.  Now, I loves me some sockets because not only does it offer flexibility for adjusting stats that need to be at a certain number (like hit), but also because it offers room to really use my money to make me the best tank possible.  It’s notably lacking on most of the standard mode loot, and particularly on all of the pieces thus far that have threat stats (hit and expertise) on them.
  • Once again we’re seeing the kind of variations in Defense numbers that make me wish Loken would cough up a Seal of the Pantheon already.  It’s a fairly rare piece on that list that has higher defense numbers than we’re seeing on existing gear, and depending on your drop luck you may be looking at needing to swap out existing gems and enchants to stay defense capped.  That said, I know I’m going to be looking for that Titanskin Cloak once we start doing hard modes, it’s got practically 30 defense rating on pretty much anything you can find AND a socket.  That’s like half of a Seal of the Pantheon right there.
  • Our standard-mode tanking weapon drops off the first boss, and while I’m not precisely fond of swords (loving that the best in slot stuff thus far has been and Axe and now a Mace, go Horde!) that’s a nice boost that will help a lot of groups progress in Ulduar.  Drop chances always get in the way of these things, but it’s a definite change to where we’ve been with the accessibility of tanking weapons thus far.
  • Everyone should also note the Heart of Iron.  That is a pretty awesomely snacky trinket there, so I’d expect to be competing for that thing with your fellow tanks of any class regardless.  I’m anticipating this being the most fought over item in Ulduar – and that is saying something.

As a side note to readers who are interested in seing a similar list for the 10 man loot, let me know.  It takes a bit for me to put a post like this together (lots of linking is time consuming), but if there is enough desire  I will get one up.


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Nice work, shame its all 25m stuff though.

Comment by Entore

I want a tanking axe, now. One that 10-man raiders can get. Rar.

Comment by kadomi

@Entore – Like I said in the post, I’ll parse the 10 man list if it seems like that is what folks are wanting. (Or, if someone beats me to the punch, I’ll make sure to link them. Don’t want to undercut a fellow blogger after all.)

@kadomi – I definately feel that. I’m kinda tired of looking like a lost death Knight with the Slayer of the Lifeless strapped to my back. I think that there are tanking maces in the 10-man of Ulduar as well, but I can’t remember off the top of my head now though.

Comment by Tarsus

@ kadomi (again) – Yeah, there are two maces: Legacy of Thunder and Shiver. I’m not particularly pleased with the look on either of them – they look too much like caster weapons IMO.

Unfortunately it also looks like there are no 1-Handed Axes that have dropped in Ulduar at all. A shame really.

Comment by Tarsus

I envy people who have actual upgrades in Ulduar :(

Comment by Yuki

I would definitely be interested in a ten man list. Thanks for the work throwing this together. Gear lists that help me avoid time researching get me excited to go “shopping.”

Comment by Billy Wallace

[…] Parsed for your Pleasure […]

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