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…the 10-man loot too.
April 10, 2009, 12:01 am
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I think from the shorter list and the larger number of unknowns, it’s somewhat obvious the 10-man has had less testing than the 25-man.

Weapon Legacy of Thunder Thorim-10
Weapon Shiver Hodir-10-Hard
Weapon Stoneguard ?-10
Shield The Boreal Guard Hodir-10-Hard
Shield Shieldwall of the Breaker Auriaya-10
Hands Adamant Handguards Trash-10
Head Ironbark Faceguard Freya-10
Legs Gilded Steel Legplates Leviathan-10-Hard
Legs Archaedas’ Lost Legplates Auriaya-10
Shoulder Shoulderguards of the Solemn Watch ?-10
Waist Stormtempered Girdle Razorscale-10
Wrist Flamewatch Armguards Leviathan-10
Cloak Cloak of the Iron Council Iron Council-10
Cloak Saronite Animus Cloak Vezax-10
Ring Signet of Winter Hodir-10
Neck Fervor of the Protectorate Trash Mobs-10
Neck Mark of the Unyielding ?-10

Passing over the obvious that the stats are generally lower (something that I can only grumble about given the relative difficulty of 10-mans thus far), there are some clear paralells that can be drawn with the 25-man loot:

  • If you like sockets on your gear the place your going to be getting them is in the Hard Mode pieces.  There may be a kind of twisted logic to this idea I’ve come to think – Blizzard connects maxxing out your gear with item enhancements like enchantments and gems to be the perogative of Hardcore raiders.  Maybe it’s the monetary expense involved, but this seems kinda silly to me.  Gem slots let the player decide where they need the points – a pretty nice bit of customization if you ask me.
  • Like the 25-man also, the set pieces we know of drop off of Freya and Thorim.  Unlike the 25-man, (at least as far as I can tell) you cannot buy the set pieces for Emblems of Valor (which drop currently in 25-man Naxx and will be the currency of 10-man Ulduar).  I think this is supposed to prevent us from Hording our tokens and buying the Ulduar level items the moment the patch hits but it seems kinda like an obvious oversight.
  • I’m fascinated by the Stoneguard.  A tanking weapon… without defense?  Especially given how good an avoidance stat defense is, and how relatively poor a threat stat hit is – who is going to take this weapon?  Forget the fact that you’d likely have to re-gem and enchant your gear to use it to make up for the lost defense.  It’s hard for me to imagine who is going to take it.  Maybe a Dual-Wielding Death Knight tank?
  • I’m kinda worried about the lack of… I don’t know, any reported drops of pieces for Chest, Wrist, Helm, and Trinket slots.  I mean, is it really just that 10-man just isn’t being tested as much?  If so, does that mean there aren’t enough issues with the encounters being tuned?  Seems like a problem waiting to happen to me.  There are already obvious tuning issues with 10-man content (at least as compared to the 25-man), so it seems like more needs to be done to entice people to do more 10-man testing.

Hope this will help all my fellow tanks who are doing more 10-mans.  I’ll be sure to do both loot lists for future patches as needed.


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Is stoneguard perhaps a druid weapon? Kind of odd though still, you’re right.

Comment by Rob

That’s the thing, it’s a sword. If it was a mace it would be like “Oh. Druid Weapon.”, but it’s not. Isn’t that bizarre?

Comment by Tarsus

A DW DK tank would WANT defense on a tanking weapon, though, since we can’t runeforge for it.

Also I know there’s hardly an testing of the 10s going on, mostly because the guilds that are really interested in spending their weeks on the PTR are generally more people who are playing a ton (since they’ve been testing a different boss every day, the testers who’ve done most of the testing are people who can play at least nearly that often). That’s going to correlate pretty strongly with people who are in 25 man specialty guilds, so it’s not so surprising that not so many people are doing 10s except when it’s all that’s available.

Comment by Yuki

@ Yuki- That’s kind of what I thought, but I’m not terribly up on DW tanking. Maybe they’ll change it to a mace when Ulduar goes live, but even for a druid it seems like it would be lacking in Feral Attack power because it’s only a one handed weapon.

I guess this just goes to show when you make as many items as you do for Ulduar you’re bound to come up with at least one that is truly “WTF” worthy.

Comment by Tarsus

Honestly, most of the Ulduar gear is god awful. For my spec, I need 4 pieces of hard-mode loot to upgrade from t7. Pretty disappointing :(

I really wish the itemization team would learn how to do their goddamn jobs.

Comment by Yuki

[…] …the 10-man loot too. […]

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