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New 5-man Content Incomming
April 24, 2009, 12:01 am
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A mysterious floating skull has confirmed that a new 5-man dungeon is incoming.  To Quote:

Zarhym says:

New 5-player content is in the works for upcoming patches, including what can probably be compared to Magister’s Terrace. We’ll provide more information when we’re ready to present previews of this content.

You know, it feels like just the other day that I was thinking we needed a new Magister’s Terrace.  Oh, wait!  It was!

Sometimes it feels good when someone confirms something that I have written about.  But what good is correct speculation if it doesn’t lead to more speculation? I mean really, if I am right all the time I’m going to have to change the name of the blog.

Anyway, since clearly I have a direct line into the Blue Zone or something, I am going to post a few requests:

  • Please let “New 5-player content” mean more than just one instance.  Magister’s Terrace was cool and all but it did suffer from getting kind of repetitive – if you catch my drift.  A new “Tier” of 5-man content would be incredibly awesome.
  • Don’t skimp on the itemization either, especially if you go the Magister’s Terrace route.  Let’s talk about a clear upgrade over Heroics/Naxx-10 iLevel gear.  And how about a tanking trinket or two that I don’t have grind the instance to get?
  • While I’m on the subject of making unreasonable requests – would it be to much to ask that some of these instances be located in the “Old World”?  or even, you know, have some fresh content for levels 1-60?  I have alts you know.
  • And what about an instance that’s got some Tauren Lore in it?  The last thing that was even remotely related was, I don’t know, Razorfen?
  • You know, there is also something to be said for trash that is challenging to tank.  There is only so many times AoE packs seem even worthwhile.  Some measure of utility for crowd control at least seems fair.  Our mages don’t even have sheep on their bars anymore.
  • Don’t forget new shields.
  • My inner masochist misses some of the larger instances.  Would it be at all remiss to make at least one of these theoretical instances BRD size?  But, you know, without the stupidity that required you to run it repeatedly at max level for resist gear.  I know I’m asking for a lot here guys.
  • And last, but not least, if you’re going to include vehicles remember the lesson of the Occulus – we shouldn’t feel handicapped when we jump on the back of a dragon – M’kay?

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I’m surprised they failed to take advantage of the opportunity to put a 5-man or two in, based around Ulduar… I mean, sure there’s the band of 10 or 25 heroes going in to defeat the evil beings dwelling within, but there’s also the scope to have smaller groups assisting the incursion from outside, not entering the main dungeon but possibly entering other self-contained sections of the complex. (Which would make for a convenient way to justify the re-use of Ulduar art assets)

But yes, more shields.

Comment by KiwiRed

Last boss of Occulus is best done naked *nodnod*

Comment by Jov

@ Kiwi – I assume that they thought Halls of Lightning and Halls of Stone qualified, but since they’re the same “level” as the other Heroics I’m not exactly convinced this is sufficient.

@ Jov – That’s because gear makes no difference.

Comment by Tarsus

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who pines for the sprawl that we used to see in old dungeons. To this day one of my favorite places is Wailing Caverns.

Comment by Tigerfeet

I really don’t miss large 5 mans. At all. How boring was it to spend 4 hours in BRD?

Also, as a player of several dps classes with no crowd control at the time MGT came out, I have to say I kinda think it illustrated the failures of its design, in that it was damn nigh impossible to bring more than one of us along until much of the group substantially outgeared the instance. Not really particularly fun.

Comment by Yuki

@ Tigerfeet – I actually tend to think of Wailing Caverns as being pretty small, at least compared to something like BRD.

@ Yuki – It wasn’t boring the first two or three times. It only got boring because you had to go there every single time you needed to make FR gear. But the same could be said of the need to run heroics for reputation in BC.
As for MGT, I’ll agree that the necessity of multiple forms of crowd control was bad design when it first came out, but surely we now have sufficient options that we can find some other option other than “AoE Tank/DPS” the trash in a 5 man, as now that seems to be the only option.

Comment by Tarsus

No, BRD was pretty boring the first time I went there too. The only thing that made it interesting was that as an area it was pretty neat; the design of the city was very cool, but the amount of time you spent in there was just too high, which is why no one ever ran the damn thing unless they had to. Why spend 2 hours doing an emperor run when you could do Strath or Scholo in one or less?

The area was really cool, but it was a terrible 5-man. It would have been a great indoor quest zone, but as an instance it was just not that good.

Comment by Yuki

Tier 5-man would be great. It would give those of us who don’t have time/schedule to raid something to strive for. I would be satisfied if the Tier gear was lower quality than the 10-man stuff, but at least 5-man dungeon sets would be nice again. I kept my hunter dungeon set way too long just for the shorter trap cooldown!

Comment by troutwort

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