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May 13, 2009, 12:01 am
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Hero's Surrender

Hero's Surrender

Repeat after me…

Block Value is the amount of damage blocked by my shield.

Block Rating is the chance that a block will occur.

Get it straight, that is all.

…okay so I lied.  But I still see people get this confused all the time.  Hell, I confuse this all the time.  I confused it writing this post.  But since only Paladins and Warriors can block (okay, I suppose Shamans can block too), It makes it kinda special.

Actually, scratch that.  Pallies can go read a libram or something.  Block is Warrior Hax – allow me to illustrate.

Block Value at one time long ago was that lonely little number listed under armor on your shield.  It was a very lonely number with no friends.  No one bothered thinking about how one could increase or maximize Block Value.

How things have changed!  Block Value is a real swinger now.  Not only is it easy to adjust by raising Strength (2:1 ratio!), but it also figures into some very nice threat mechanics as well.  I’m talking about your damage from Shield Slam and Damage Shield.    It’s both a mitigation stat and a threat stat.  3.0.8 also added an item enhancement to increase it.

Block Rating is aggregated in the Defenses section of your character tab, and unlike Block Value it is difficult to raise.  You only get it from specific allocations on gear.  You can’t socket for it.  You can’t enchant for it.  And only one talent raises it.  Raising your defense rating will increase it (along with your Parry and Dodge) at a very meager 1:0.00813 ratio.

But that is not to say that it isn’t awesome, because not only does it increase the chance you will be enraged, but also increase the chance that you will proc Critical Block.  So if you like big Shield Slam Crits, Block rating is your friend.  Moreover, the only people who role on gear with Block Rating on it are Warriors and Paladins, which means that you can nab it while they’re doing that reading thing.  What the heck is in those books anyway?

Last but not least, Block Rating is also the only mitigation stat that does not suffer from diminishing returns.  So in the event that you somehow have the opportunity to stack it… feel free.  This is, coincidentally, one of the main reasons why stacking defense is no longer a sure sign of noobery.  Gee, having said that, I’m almost worried that Ghostcrawler is going to get out the nerf bat.

I can see it now.

“Don’t nerf me bro!”

*PAFF!* <= Assuredly the sound effect of all nerf weaponry.

“Oh god!  Not in the shield!  Anywhere by the shield!”

Maybe they’ll he’ll us in the face instead.  It’s not like we can’t stand to loose a few more points of Intelligence.


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[Pedant]Technically the reason that Block Rating lacks diminishing returns is precisely because it IS a mitigation stat; the diminishing returns apply only to avoidance stats.[/Pedant]

Comment by Yuki

Last I checked, Critical Block was a flat +15% chance to land a crit shield slam, not dependent on blocking.

Comment by Fustigator

@ Fustigator – I cannot find the source I used originally to come to that conclusion, so I am going to assume that you’re right.

Comment by Tarsus

+15% of what.

Comment by Tchernobog

I presume your base crit rating.

Comment by Tarsus

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