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Ulduar Journal: And Mimiron Too…
May 22, 2009, 12:01 am
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After last weeks exciting episode turned into a prescient post on the drubbing of Thorim and Freya, the Monday crew got Mimiron as well.  The general sense seemed to be one of surprise: Is Mimiron easier than advertised?

Details shall follow after the break.

The difference with Freya and Thorim

In the spirit of Passover (which is long past), why was this night different from all other nights?  Or, specifically, what was it that happened last Thursday that made the difference?

For Freya I felt the difference was largely due to more responsible DPS and high quality healing.  I wish I could claim some credit, but when we called for DPS off for the first time on the Snaplasher and not only did that happen but one of the priests also slapped a Guardian Spirit on the tank target I knew that we were going to get it.  DPS also did a great job of having the ranged burn down the Gift of Eonar tree and allowing the melee to stay on target meaning that we got her down well before the enrage timer.  Between those two things it seems crazy that we spend so long wiping on her, but the one shot we did do seemed like a fine way to start things off.

Thorim by contrast did not seem like as smooth a kill, but like Freya we seemed to strike in the right direction right off.  For one, we substantially more heavily weighted the Arena group (15 vs 10 for the Gauntlet) meaning that we effectively never faced the same problem that we did on previous attempts where the Arena group would get over-run before the Gauntlet group would finish.  The net result meant it was harder for the Gauntlet group, but by the fourth attempt they were able to get Thorim into the arena consistently, and that means talking about a part of the fight we barely saw on previous attempts.

The challenge of Thorims second phase is two fold.  Firstly, you have his version of the “Don’t Stand in Shit” theme present in Wrath, a 45 degree arc of lightning which may be the best advertised of these type of abilities in the game at the moment.  It’s pretty much impossible to miss the line of bright white lightning bolts streaming out of him and the challenge then is to Hoof it out of the way before he makes an electrical pizza slice with PC sauce.  Secondly, tanks must exchange agro using Taunt to insure that when the Unbalancing Strike debuff appears on one of them, they don’t get hit again.  The trick is, even announcing it on Vent can be too long for a tank so you need to pay attention and hit that taunt button as quickly as possible.  Your fellow tanks can thank you.

If you can manage to pull off those two things, you should have sufficient DPS to kill him before his stacking buff starts killing your tanks (in my experience this really starts happening about stack 12-13).  It can be done otherwise, our first kill had all of our tanks dead, but we certainly don’t want to have the same problem again.

Mimiron falls… for science!

In my opinion, Mimiron represents that new standard in the “Don’t Stand in Shit” Theme, and there are LOTS of things not to stand in.  Landmines, Rockets, Plasma Novas, Lurker Below-like arcing beams of instant death, bombs, the whole shebang.  But hey, we’re practiced with this stuff right?  We get you don’t stand in stuff.

So what else is there?  The answer is, not much different, from the tank’s perspective.  Outside of not standing in stuff I mean.  In phase one, 3 tanks swap out for the Plasma Blast beam of doom, using Shield Wall to make it manageable for the healers.  In phase three, tanks need to wrangle the Assault Bots.  In phase four, the last tank to be on the Leviathan from phase one picks that section back up again and keeps him, remembering to (you guessed it) not stand in shit.

And that is all.  If your raid can avoid not standing in shit this fight will prove to you all that training on Sartharion + 3 Drakes was worth the practice.  I mean it.

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to his dialog.  It’s better than the XT-002 Deconstructor in a way that only a Giant Sized mad scientist gnome could be.


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A few Mimiron thoughts…

Keeping one tank on him helps healers. We rotate Shield Wall, Guardian Spirit, Pain Supression, and Last Stand + Hand of Sacrifice, to keep the same person on him through plasma blasts.

P3, we do with two tanks. One paladin does all the adds, with all melee DPSing him. One Warrior puts vigilance on the paladin, and taunts/slams bombs in the middle to blow them up on himself. All ranged kills the head the whole time. Keeping it down to two tanks lets you bring extra healers/dps.

Comment by Yakra

@ Yakra – I would need to look at the raid make up we have but at the moment I’m not sure we have the healer makeup to rotate tanks right now. It seems like it would work pretty well though, particularly with pain suppression.

P3 is also doable with two warrior tanks in the same configuration. We did that quite successfully on one of out Mimiron attempts last night after our pally tank bit it from a Plasma Beam in P1.

Comment by Tarsus

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