Tanking for Dummies

Dear Blizzard,
May 27, 2009, 12:01 am
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I know, once upon a time, I leveled as Fury.  I know that… well, you made it easy to get epic gear and that even with some blues in the mix my stats are pretty good.  I know, quite frankly, that I aught to be better at hitting my free slams and all that Jazz.

But for gods sake make the pain stop.

My DPS last time I got stuck on it for Hodir was… simply shocking.  I mean, it’s not Patchwerk but by my shield I thought that Titan’s grip was supposed to be this ungodly monster of a DPS spec that was unstoppable in it’s march towards domination.

Instead I do more damage as Protection.

Sure it’s just a few item swaps. And I couldn’t pass the Defense cap or anything in that gear… but this just isn’t right.  If my guild needs me to DPS I need to be able to DPS, not barely be above the Pally Tank.  I have a proposal though.  Something that would silence all of the whiners about Titan’s Grip and give me that DPS boost that I need to make up for the fact that I totally suck at Fury now.

Titan’s Grip needs to be replaced… with this:


An elegant solution, no?  You certainly won’t here much complaining from us warriors.  It’s has all the cache and awesomeness of the idea of Titan’s Grip but in a more easily balanced and learn-able form for a poor Shield Toting Prot-head like me.  I even have an idea for how it should look!

Courtesy of Bioshock (from 2k Games)

Courtesy of Bioshock (from 2k Games)

I mean, really.  Who could argue with those sleek retro-futuristic lines?  I’m sure the copyright licensing would be a snap.  I’m sure that they all play World of Warcraft anyway.  Would it be so hard to just surreptitiously hand them an epic or three and be done with it?  A Repelling Charge for my trouble of bringing this problem (and it’s solution) to your attention wouldn’t be remiss either.

Ragefully Yours,



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You may post a report to check if your rotation is good. Anyway, remember that your primary source of dps should be Heroic Strike.
But if you still have some blues, there’s no chance for you to do good dps.

Comment by Matt

Fury was a good Wrath DPS spec before they fixed Deep Wounds. It became a decent DPS spec at that point.

Post 3.1’s lol10% damage tax (which worked out SO WELL for mages in BC, amirite?) it’s basically terrible.

. . . not that I’m bitter.

Comment by Yuki

Did I mention that Repelling Charge drops like every Naxx now? And I am always on my shaman? QQ.

Comment by kadomi

@ Matt – Could be the subject for another post, thanks, I’ll take it into consideration (especially if I find something that works better).

@ Yuki – Bitter? You? Never.

@ kadomi – Ain’t that always the way it works though? Seriously, the damn axe dropped every night I wasn’t there as well. I have terrible luck with weapons.

Comment by Tarsus

Warrior DPS is SUCK right now. I have a Prot/Arms DS, but I am seriously considering a prot/prot build at this point.

Comment by Darraxus

@ Darraxus – I did a bit of Prot/Prot in Ulduar last night. The short cooldown LS and SW was pretty nice. The multi target Spell Reflect also seemed to help on the Arena on Thorim, but it wasn’t clear how much.

Comment by Tarsus

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