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The Gear List
June 1, 2009, 12:01 am
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Sometimes I am simply amazed by the sheer amount of pleasure I can get from grabbing a new piece of gear.  It’s downright Pavlovian.  Perhaps this is why I think about it all the time, planning acquisitions like some kind of tanking Rupert Murdoch.

I thought it possibly couldn’t get any worse, until I joined Axiom.  They use a delightful method of distributing loot known as the gear list, whereby you select a certain number of pieces of gear that you want (the exact number you get is determined by your guild rank) and rank them according to your preferences.  This sort of prioritizing and critical thinking about gear makes me much more conscious of advances I have made, or failed to make, in perfecting my gear sets.  Needless to say, this is a practice I would like to encourage for all raid tanks, no matter what loot system your group uses.

The long and the short of this is simply that you only have so much time to sink into this game and you need constantly reassess what your priorities are.  Let us take my belt for example.  When I first hit 80, that belt was a quite nice piece.  Certainly better than some other pieces that I had.  So, realistically speaking, it was pretty far down the list in terms of priorities.  But wouldn’t you know it, belts are in kind of short supply and my choice upgrade suddenly seemed a heck lot more important.  It’s still sitting pretty there at the top of the list right now, while I consider how much I like running Heroic Azjol-Nerub (which is not at all).

The first step for me, at least, was taking a solid look at Tank Spot and doing a comparison to what I had and what I needed for my raid.  Axiom is of the aggressive raiding school and so I went down the list and started drawing up my wish list of gear with plenty of hit and expertise on it, then similarly with dodge, parry, etc.  Pretty soon I had a spreadsheet filled with upgrades that needed to be prioritized.  At that time, naturally, I had a need to go pretty much everywhere, but over time I assume this list will help to inform me what needs to be done and what I can safely sit out on as needed.

Needless to say it also now tells me I haven’t been running near enough non-raid instances (Damn you Loken).  The other point, however, is that this exercise informed me about my deficiencies in an objective and meaningful way.  It is an exercise I think would be good for everyone, but for a Raid Tank it is hard to argue against that mote of wisdom: “An Upgrade for You is an Upgrade for the Raid.”  I encourage every tank to give it a shot, and I think you will find it a worthwhile exercise if you’re on DKP or anything else.

Also, if you are curious about the specifics of the Gear List loot system, you can take a gander at the Axiom guild policies section here.  Did I meantion we’re still recruiting?


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