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RL Combat Log: Going to the Beach with Tarsus’ Parents event
June 17, 2009, 12:01 am
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Event: Going to the Beach with Tarsus’ Parents engaged

Enrage timer: 2 days, 7 hours, 30 minutes

<Joveta> Are you sure we should be 2-manning this?

<Tarsus> We’ve two manned quests before.  Plus, everyone else was running Ulduar.

Phase 1: Boring 4 hour car ride in bumper to bumper traffic

<Tarsus> I’ll attempt to spice things up with relevant political conversation.

Tarsus’ Parents’ parries Tarsus’ political question with impenetrable jargon.

Tarsus’ Parents Sweatin’ to the Oldies crits Tarsus for 15,432 health.

Tarsus’ Parents Sweating to the Oldies hits Joveta for 320 (15,112 resisted)

<Tarsus> Apparently by Oldies they mean, nothing after 1965.

<Joveta> Stop whining, you lived.  Take a pot or something.

Coca-Cola Classic heals Tarsus for 10,000 health.

<Tarsus> It sucks this stuff is on a 6 hour cooldown.

Phase 2: Walking around the Beach

<Tarsus> I remember this now.  So much has changed though.  I don’t remember this Gelato place being here before either.

<Joveta> Well, Gelato sounds a lot better than the shady looking ice cream shop your Dad is going to.

Tarsus is afflicted by Bad Raspberry Sorbetto.

Joveta is afflicted by Bad Lemon Sorbetto.

<Joveta> I don’t feel so well.

<Tarsus> Well, lets head back to the hotel.

Joveta is afflicted by Painful Foot Blisters.

<Tarsus> This is not so good.

Phase 3: Day at the Beach

<Joveta> So, all we have to do is sit and read?

<Tarsus> That’s the way it usually has been in the past.

The Beach’s Scorching Ray of the Day Star hits Tarsus for 25,354 fire damage.

The Beach’s Scorching Ray of the Day Star hits Joveta for 21,432 fire damage (3,112 resisted).

<Tarsus> It Burns!

<Joveta> I hate the fights where you have to stand in stuff.  At least the frost zones in Hodir don’t move.

Phase 4: Dinner in a Gale

Delicious Meal heals Tarsus for 10,000 health.

Delicious Meal heals Joveta for 12,000 health.

<Tarsus> No fair!

<Joveta> Alchemist’s Stone.  Plus, I chose the chocolate dessert.

Tarsus has gained Well Fed.

Joveta has gained Well Fed.

Phase 5: Outlet Shopping

Joveta receives [Epic Purple Shirt].

Tarsus receives [Stylish Blue Shirt].

<Joveta> I didn’t realize this quest gave loot.

Phase 6: The way back also has traffic.

Tarsus’ Parents’ ABBA Musical Soundtrack crits Tarsus for 35,879 shadow damage.

Tarsus Parents’ ABBA Musical Soundtrack crits Joveta for 38,268 shadow damage (13,224 Overkill).

Joveta has died.

<Tarsus> Oh the humanity!  Curse you Eurovision!

Phase 7: The Return

Tarsus’ and Joveta’s Cats’ OMFGWEMISSEDYOUSOMUCH hits Tarsus for 121,034 nature damage (3000 resisted) (112,541 Overkill).

Tarsus has died.

<Tarsus> Rez Plz.

<Joveta> DIAF.



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This brightened up my morning.

Comment by Ambrosyne

+1 Very fun story, smiled the whole way :-)

Comment by Qi

What kinda Priest doesn’t have shadow protection on? Tsk tsk . . .

Nice story though :D

Comment by Nicoran

If Jov has priesty powers IRL, I think having shadow protection on is the least of our worries.

Comment by Tarsus

Mamma Mia soundtrack ignores resistances. (it’s futile)

Comment by Jov

Lol nice.

Comment by Darraxus

[…] RL Combat Log: Going to the Beach with Tarsus’ Parents Event from Tanking for Dummies […]

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