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Breaking: Warrior Tier 9 (?) Revealed!
June 26, 2009, 10:50 am
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It must be that time again, because MMO Champion has come through for us with some Data Mining of the Warrior Set available from the Argent Colosseum.

Check it out.  Believe this model is for the Alliance only, however.

If you’re wondering what the stats on it are, you might look at these links from earlier in the week.

The model is pretty much exactly like the one for Death Knight and Paladin, so perhaps this PvP gear or something else.  I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled if any further details come up.


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There’s at least 6, maybe 7 pieces of gear there. If this IS tier, it could be a return to the 8-piece dungeon sets. I know there’s quite a few in my guild who have grown nostalgic for those days.

Comment by Tigerfeet

Could be. Could also work like 6 Where the armor was 8 pieces spread out over 3 Dungeons. You might have to do 5, 10, and 25 man versions of the instance to get the complete set.

Comment by Tarsus

I am so glad I’m not a pally. That gear looks boring! I couldn’t tell you apart from the DKs or the Warrior. How am I supposed to know who to pull aggro away from huh?

Comment by Nicoran

I’ll be interested to see the Horde pieces. Here’s to hoping we see the return of Giant Spiky Shoulders. Because it’s just too cool to be a Tauren warrior and stash a couple of nubile young blood elf healers under your shoulders to, uh, protect them in combat. Yeah. Protect them.

Comment by Linedan

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