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What does your block proc?
July 7, 2009, 5:22 pm
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Looking ahead to the horizon, I can’t stop thinking about Block and what you could do with it.  Particularly, I’ve been mulling around Yakra’s idea that some kind of proc should occur based on your percent chance to block.  This seems like a good use to me (it at least keeps the block rating part of the equation, keeping down the amount of re-itemization needed), but does bring up the question of what would work as a proc for something that is going to be proc-ing so often?  It seems to me that this can be broken into two categories of effects, offensive and defensive, each with their own class of balance problems (at least from a design perspective).

Offensive Type

  • Grants X percent bonus crit/attack power for X seconds, or or next attack (as per Yakra’s original post).
  • Procs an extra attack (like Shield Slam). (or works with Sword and Board as per Yakra’s original post).
  • Acts as a damage shield (reflects X% of the attack back at the attacker, or a set amount based off block value).
  • Procs additional threat off of blocked attacks.
  • Procs attack power/speed debuff (perhaps replacing demoralizing shout and thunderclap’s debuff effect).
  • et cetera.

Defensive Type

  • Procs additional armor based off of a percent of current armor or shield armor (Again, as per Yakra’s original post).
  • Blocks as currently, but with more mitigation.
  • Blocks as currently (or more), but for spell damage (and/or ranged damage).
  • Procs bonus to avoidance (more parry/dodge).
  • Procs an impassible barrier, making the target unable to move through through you for X seconds (would coincidentally keep the Shield Block ability useful).
  • et cetera.

This is obviously an important point in the development of warriors as tanks with so many important aspects of the class under scrutiny.  I imagine Block (because it also effects Paladins) will probably get the treatment first, so keep your eyes pealed (and add your own suggestions to the comments).

Update: My current job (which thanks to the magic of temping, will be to the end of the week, at the earliest) has me sans computer so updates are going to be sporadic and inconsistent this week.  I’ll update this space if the usual schedule is going to be disrupted for longer.


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The impassible barrier would be crazy for PvP, but is sadly probably impossible without a major recode. Warhammer has collision detection, making “tanking”/holding doors possible in PvP – its the biggest single feature that interested me about that game (but no where near enough to draw me to it).

Glad to see someone else mulling over my idea. Maybe this will go somewhere?

Comment by Yakra

Collision detection would add a new level to PvP. Perhaps it could be added for a battleground specifically. I might even do PvP then. Initially though, it comes from the collision issues with Tauren models. I hate how often mobs just walk right through me and beat me in the back.

I do think it would be a good think for other tank bloggers to weigh in, at least thematically, with what we’re going to do with block. The trick will be adding a mechanism that is flavorful and fun but doesn’t totally fly in the face of DK and Bear tanks.

Comment by Tarsus

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