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Tanking Gear in the Tournament of Champions (patch 3.2)
July 13, 2009, 12:01 am
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So, late last week and over this weekend, MMO Champion has be deluging us with the fruits of the PTR testers and database miners.  So far the results have looked rather sweet all around, with the 5-man encounters looking to be not unlike the stepping stone that Magister’s Terrace was get in the game if your gear has been behind (or you are coming into said game late).  To make some things clear, there are six versions of the instance on separate lockouts, two each of 25-man, 10-man, and 5-man.

Some interesting features in the loot below are the general similarity between items found in Heroic and Non-Heroic versions of the instance, and the different approach to the look of the gear for Alliance vs. Horde.  An aggregate of the results thus far is below, and (as usual) keep your eyes peeled to this space for more revelations, including (we hope) the plate models for the Horde coming soon.

25-Man Raid

Girdle of Bloodied Scars (Heroic) Belt of Bloodied Scars (Normal)

Satrina’s Impeding Scarab (Heroic) Juggernaut’s Vitality (Normal)

Bracers of the Shield Maiden

The Arbiter’s Muse

Greaves of the Lingering Vortex

Loop of the Twin Val’kyr

Pauldrons of the Silver Defender (Alliance) Sunreaver Defender’s Pauldrons (Horde)

Fervor of the Frostborn (Alliance) Eitrigg’s Oath (Horde)

5-man Instance

Peacekeeper Blade (Heroic)

Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger (Heroic)

Regal Aurous Shoulderplates (Heroic)

Mark of the Relentless (Heroic)

Warlord’s Depravity (Heroic)

Boots of Heartfelt Repentance (Normal)

Mercy’s Hold (Normal)

Legguards of Abandoned Fealty (Normal)

Girdle of the Pallid Knight (Normal)

The Black Heart (Normal)


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