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New Races in the Next Expansion
July 20, 2009, 12:01 am
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There’s been a lot of buzz about the appearance of Goblin and Worgen Masks in the datafiles for Hollow’s Eve.  In case you missed it, here’s the screenshot:

Much of the conversation is logged in this WoW.com (formerly known as WoW Insider) article.  There is a couple of compelling reasons to believe that this is believable, such as:

  • Why would Blizzard make a mask for what is clearly a female worgen, when there are no female worgen in the game currently?
  • Goblins have a historical relation to the Horde from the game’s RTS past.  Worgen may have a relation to the Alliance via the Kingdom of Gilneas beyond the Greymane Wall.
  • Some of us really want to play Goblin Sappers.
  • Kaboom!

But this is a tanking blog, and if there is one thing that somewhat strikes me is that neither of these races seem tanking “flavored.”  Certainly not in the way that an Orc, Tauren, Human and Dwarf have the tank “look.”  Heck, even Gnomes and elves have a more tanking build than a Goblin.

I mean, I can understand that maybe Blizzard is thinking “Gee, the Draenei didn’t really fill out the Furry ranks for the Alliance the way they thought they did” or “You know, it’s really about time we gave the Horde a small race.  I mean, the Alliance have two!”  But demographics are such a poor way to pick new races.

So who do I think would make a great race for the expansion instead?

Fucking Vrykul.  That’s who.  You know you’ve got something pretty awesome when your monster models are better looking than the normal player humans.  Or how about Those Nerubians?  I mean, giant spider people are creepy, but at least Brann Bronzebeard seems to have made friends.

Or heck, how about Naga or Murlocs.  We’re about due for the “High Seas” expansion… right?  Or if we’re going for the Emerald Dream, what about Drakonids or the Cenarians?

But Goblins and Worgen?

How about something that wouldn’t look goofy carrying a shield, m’kay?


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Seriously. The first Vrykul you run into in Howling Fjord are eleventy-six kinds of awesome. That’s some of the best modeling and texturing work they’ve ever done on mobs, IMO.

I wouldn’t care much about playing a goblin or worgen for the same reasons you mentioned. Plus, I’m sorry, but I look at that female worgen face and all I can think of is “oh God, the yiffing.”

Comment by Linedan

Furries get a lot of shit they don’t deserve because some /b/tards have something stuck up their butt, but I must admit that I was thinking along the same lines.
This is perhaps because Scarlet Crusade is the seed server for DarkNest. Having an RP mod in Stormwind (or Goldshire) is downright frightening.

Comment by Tarsus

Oh, DarkNest…how I lol at you…

Some day when I have nothing else to post, I should post my Bad RP Description Collection.

Comment by Ambrosyne

@ Ambrosyne — Guild hazing ritual: “Oh, and /join Darknest” “What’s Darknest?” “(dps/tanking/healing) channel.”

Comment by Jov

I don’t know what horrifies me more, the fact that you said ‘yiffing’ or the fact that I know what it means. *sigh*

Comment by Seri

If you don’t know what Yiffing means by now, you fail at the internet.

Comment by Tarsus

Fail Seri is fail.

Comment by Jov

I’m a little dubious about Alliance worgen, mostly because the most oft-cited “evidence” is poorly written fan-fiction; the only real connection of the worgen to the Alliance is the Scythe of Elune questline, in which you learn that they are extra dimensional creatures of pure malevolence.

That being said, if the models and the animations were cool, I might make one somewhere to play around with. Probably not a goblin, though, as their voices would drive me up a freaking wall inside of 5 minutes.

Comment by Yuki

What would be the goblin racial?
– earn 30% more from vendors and AH?
– special move: ear flap. you shake your head and beat your opponent with your ears?

Comment by Grorg

I remember someone proposing a 10% bonus on gold from quests, but personally I want “Self Destruct” if there’s a goblin Racial.


Comment by Tarsus

Close. You get a little banking thing every 30 minutes. No need to head back to town!

among other things.

such as a rocket belt.

Comment by Alterilin

But if they nerf shields so hard, they won’t need to carry them!

Comment by Troutwort

Perish the thought!

Comment by Tarsus

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