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August 17, 2009, 7:19 am
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The Black Heart

At last!  It only took me ten attempts to finally get my hands on it.  Between that and my Essence of  Gossamer I’m not really missing that Heart of Iron.  Much.

This does bring me, however, back to an interesting topic – namely that I have a lot of difficulty with drops for certain slots – namely trinkets and weapons.  I realize this is something of a perception issue but it almost invariably comes back to those three slots for me.  I’m sure my continuing rant about Loken and his Seal of the Pantheon must be growing stale at this point (I’ll get you one day, you overcharged bastard), but it represents a certain amount of truth concerning my luck with drops.  God forbid that I need an epic trinket from a raid.  I’ll be the very last tank in the raid to get it, and it will get sharded 4 times when it drops on nights that I am not there.

Ah well, I know you guys have had similar problems.  The same day that I got my hands on The Black Heart I saw my first drop of the Red Sword of Courage.  I am sure that many of us remember that item with not too few groans.  With that in mind, here’s hoping my fellow tanks the best of luck with loot drops in the near future, may the random number generator favor you this week!


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As someone who is still dragging around Dabiri’s Enigma, I feel you pain, greatly.

Comment by Blazeaxe

Speaking as someone who took 12 runs for the Essence, STILL hasn’t seen the damn seal drop, and is on his second day of farming The Black Heart… I feel your pain.

Comment by Figworth

Grats on the trinket! I spent run after run after run in HoL to get Seal of the Pantheon, so I can actually wear frost resist for Hodir. I would say it was a dozen runs, mostly 4-manned.

Black Heart took about 7-8 runs, so that was fine. The only place where I really seem to have issues with tank drops is Ulduar. In 4 raid IDs we have seen two tank drops, one of them being Auriaya’s def-less pants that I cannot really wear. Lame!

Comment by Kadomi

Ironically, the Black Heart dropped for me when we 4-manned ToC. Hax perhaps?

And I friggin’ hate those pants. It’s very WTF inducing. They are sadly our shard trousers.

Comment by Tarsus

I got my Black Heart as well. I am now trying to get the tanking sword out of heroic ToC to replace my Slayer of the Lifeless.

Comment by Darraxus

Good luck with that thing. I’ve run H ToC like 4 times now and never seen it drop.

Comment by Tarsus

@ Blazeaxe & Figworth – It is always good to know we are not alone in the universe with this problem. The Black Heart replaced My Darkmoon Card: Vengence, a massive upgrade.

Comment by Tarsus

I feel a support group coming on. A place all of us can go to bemoan our consistent torture by that wicked beast we call “The Drop” and its faithful companion “The Loot Ninja”.

“I need it for my dual spec”, indeed! :)

Comment by Blazeaxe

I advocate that whomever sets up this community should call it “The RNG Saloon,” and all posts to this community should be in the form of heart wrenching tales of emotional devastation as could only appear over a bar at the end of Misery Ave.

Comment by Tarsus

What trinket do you run with in the other slot?
Do you swap trinkets from fight to fight at all?

Comment by Delany

I have several sets which I swap out depending on the needs of the fight. For the other slot I’ll probably be using the “Essence of Gossamer” for most fights, although I also have “The General’s Heart” for fights where I feel like I need more avoidance, like Thorim.

Comment by Tarsus

I suppose this would be a bad time to mention I won the Essence of Gossamer and Ancient Aligned Girdle in my very first heroic as a tank, and the Red Sword of Courage in my very second. >.>

My paladin has insanely good luck. The Black Heart and the Heroic ToC sword dropped in back to back regular and heroic runs, too!

Still haven’t seen the Seal of the Pantheon though …

Comment by Elleiras

The black heart…

God damnit…

I actually got the Essence of Gossamer last night after a quick badge run, but to be honest the idea of going for another stam trinket fills me with dread, I will tell you why, EoG took me…no word of a lie.

107* AN attempts.

I have all the achievments from the place gotten a million shards, seen those damn SP leather glove drop more than I care to mention, but last night was the night that I said “I AM NEVER COMMING TO THIS FUCKING PLACE AGAIN!”

*may be inaccurate due to giving up counting at the 90’s mark

Comment by Beefbringer

@Elleiras – Damn you. Damn you to heck.

@Beefbringer – Holy crap that is a lot of AN. I guess the advantage of ToC is that on normal you can run it over and over again. If anything, it’s faster than AN. You can work on a good off-set too while you’re there.

Comment by Tarsus

Well after posting this I did attept ToC and got it on the 3rd run of it, so I can return to the world of happy.

Still I’ve never had such an awful grind before, I’ve seen Baron runs drop the mount more times than that trinket.

And I was thinking that nothing could be worse than the 31 times in VH for the epic legs when I got to 80.

Still I got the red sword first time, and the drop rate of the last laugh (Orc Racial FTW) in Naxx 25 was plentiful.

I get most of my luck from pointless low drop rate tat though, like getting all the Oracle pets one after the other end ended with the proto drake…or boosting a friend and getting a few raptor/dragon pets which get popped right on the AH, at least I can’t say I’m broke.

Comment by Beefbringer


I suppose if you can’t be lucky you might as well be rich?

Comment by Tarsus

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