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Yogg-Saron is Dead!
August 19, 2009, 12:01 am
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Long Live Yogg-Saron!

Actually, he went down for the first time two raid lockouts ago, just this was the first time I was there for the kill.

The Great Tentacle Monster may be among the most Tank centric fights in the instance, especially as it doesn’t involve the management of cooldowns.  We all know my thoughts on that, so it should come as no surprise that I fancy the Yogg encounter rather alot.  What then is the challenge here?

Add Management.

There is very little time during the Yogg-Saron encounter where you actually tank the boss.  In fact, I don’t think there is anytime where this is a concern.  His attacks are indirect and not particularly based on agro.  However, in each phase there are adds that need to be managed.

Phase 1

  • Guardian of Yogg-Saron – When it comes down to it, this is all about moving them around from the tanks perspective.  You want one tank to stand on Sara and be prepared to taunt the Guardians when they are about to Die (without accidentally stepping in a cloud), and two to grab the Guardians when they spawn.  The key is coordination between the tanks to ferry the Guardians to the middle so they can die and damage Sara.  Paying attention to the rate of DPS is key.

Phase 2

  • Crusher Tentacles – With any luck there will only be one or maybe two of these up at a time, and the tank on them should focus on keeping the stacks of “Diminish Power” low while not focusing on them too much (just enough to keep them from agroing on anyone else).  The trick to this I’ve found is setting them as a focus target so I can watch their cast bar and charging them.  Why not just wait around?  Because there’s…
  • Corruptor Tentacles – These things chain cast debuffs on the raid.  There are lots of them.  Your healers/cleansers will hate them.  But you can help because the cast times are quite long and they are interrupt-able with stuns and shield bashes.  Running around in charge rage of the Crusher Tentacles interrupting (or just interrupting if the Crusher already has a tank) is an excellent job for a Tank during Phase 2.
  • Constrictor Tentacles – An annoyance, but helping people to get out of them is very wise.  Drawing attention to these is a low priority as far as a tank is concerned, but if you can help, you should.

Phase 3

  • Immortal Guardians – Like in Phase 1, these guys will pop with increasing regularity (approximately every 10-15 seconds) and they must be tanked.  If, like us, you had all the Keepers helping you then you can actually kill the Guardians (Thorim is needed here).  You should be cautious of using Taunts in this phase (making sure you have a Defined rotation for picking up Guardians is a good way to manage this) because they can quickly become immune if three tanks target them at once.  Yogg will occasionally heal them with Empowering Shadows, which is manageable, but you need to focus on getting them down if targeted as they will be buffed ~10 seconds after.  This buff is AoE in nature, so if it seems that they won’t be killed, the tank with that Guardian should pull it away from the others so they won’t be buffed as well.

If you’re up on the strategy, the fight has been nerfed quite extensively in 3.2.2.  I’m sure we weren’t the only guild to take him out the first chance after the patch hit.  It should be fairly evident in Phase 2 whether you have the DPS to kill him, and if you do then the rest is on successfully dealing with the adds presented (and not going insane).  Manage that, and you’ll be tentacle free in no-time.

Until next week.


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Grats on your first kill =D

Although I’m not a tank I do quite enjoy this fight as well. We’ve had him down for 6 or 7 weeks now and the fight hasn’t gotten old yet. I was a permanent fixture on the ‘brain team’ simply to provide Aspect of the Pack but since the nerf it’s not really as necessary and last week I actually got to stay upstairs during phase 2 to see what all the Crusher fuss was about.

Would you believe we do the whole fight with only one tank? Yes it’s a warrior and sometimes he’s a little too OP for his own good lol. Gave us a lot of extra dps on the brain team pre-nerf though which we found helped a lot.

Ph1 we just tank all the Guardians right on top of Sara. Melee move in a small circle in the center and run out if/when they get Fervor. Ranged/heals stay at max range and move only when necessary. We use one marked range (usually me) to watch clouds and call out on vent when and where to move. Ph3 is a little more hectic and our MT has to really be on the ball to make sure he picks up the Immortal Guardians before they eat a healer. Our melee team is very strong and they can usually get the guardians down before the next one is ready to be dps’d. Although occasionally one or two ranged will switch off Yogg to help with a stubborn Guardian.

Grats again on your kill!

Comment by Alorina

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