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Car Door Shield has Returned!
August 26, 2009, 12:01 am
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I’ve made no secret of my love of the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark.  It’s “forged from the door of a Mercedes” look is forever impressed into my heart as a kind of measure against which all other shields are judged.  I am sure then, dear reader, you can appreciate my un-abated joy at the revelation of a worthy successor.

Make sure you get a good look at the full picture hosted by our dear friends at MMO Champion.  Sure, you say, it doesn’t have the riveted to an armored Mercedes door look of the Bulwark – but damn if it isn’t the door to a Tesla.  I mean – look at the heft on that thing!  It’s like it was hewn out of a giant slab of icy iron just to sit on our arms and say “Now just imagine how this will feel when I hit you in the face. ”

Nothing quite says hello like Shield Slam, especially when it’s accompanied by a shield that looks like it has it’s own architecture.  You know what I mean?

Of course you do.

Move over Arthas, we’re not coming to kill you.  We’re coming for your SHIELDS.


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oo, I like that one a lot.

Comment by spinks


Comment by philselmer

Isn’t it awesome? You know I’m going to put that thing on the top of my “must have” list.

Comment by Tarsus

Hahaha. Josh shared your love for the Car Door shield. Maybe this will make him less cranky. :D

Comment by Ambrosyne

One of my great hopes for the expansion’s “Blackwing Lair inspired” raid is that the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark will make a re-appearance at least in spirit.

However, the above unnamed shield is already car door inspired, and as tall as a Tauren. It’s very cheer inducing.

Comment by Tarsus

Is it wrong that I totally want to see that on a gnome? :D

Comment by Yuki

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