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Faction Transfers are go!
September 4, 2009, 7:30 am
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Well, not really for me, I already have a high level warrior on both sides of my sever (I did mention I love my warriors, right?).  But for you dear reader, this could be very exciting indeed.

In honor of this occasion, I want to put out a special message.  It’s a message of solidarity.  Onefullness even:


Warriors, the Horde wants YOU.

Have you ever felt a little bit… under-appreciated in your faction?  Too many Paladins ruining your groove?  Do your allies treat you like just another Angry Lad (or Lady!) in plate?  Is your NPC representative a prissy bitch?

The very face of emo.

The very face of emo.

Well, you need not deal with this situation any longer, thanks to….

faction change

With Faction Change, you can join your brothers and sisters on the other side of the fence where we value Warriors.  Here, you can wear those giant spikes with pride.  In the Horde, the paladins are too busy figuring out which throw-pillows will accent their drapes for anyone to take them too seriously.  In the Horde, your NPC representitive is this man.


His tears cure cancer. Too bad he's never cried.

You will never need live in the shadows again.  In fact, you will stand on a long and proud tradition of rage-ful ass-kicking with such names as Ogrim Doomhammer, Grom Hellscream, and Varok Saurfang.  But it’s not just orcs; Horde Warriors also come in these exciting models:

Tauren: More Health.  More Stomp.  More Flowers.  For the gentler, senstive side of the Warrior.

Undead: When your Berzerker Rage is on cooldown, there it is.  Also good for feasting on the flesh of the innocent.

Troll: You know those AXE spray commercials?  That’s what Mojo is.  You have it, and wear Plate.  (Yes ladies, I’m told it does work the other way too).

Don’t wait.  Act now and join the ranks of the greatest Warriors on Azeroth: The Horde.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Mortal Strike, Titan’s Grip, Vigilance, the letters S,H,I,E,L,D and the number 42.


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Incidentally, if anyone knows who made that Horde recruitment poster, let me know. I need to go and tell them how awesome they are.

And also make sure they get credit.

Comment by Tarsus


You’re making ME want to play a warrior.

Comment by Jov

Warriors are for the win.

Comment by Tarsus

Tell me about it. He’s actually got me considering transferring Keliara. :D

Comment by Seri

What is your Alliance toon’s name on SC?

Comment by Darraxus

Karwyn. She’s not gotten a lot of play since Wrath came out, but she’s 71.

Comment by Tarsus


Alliance is for show. Horde is for the pro!

It’s a little funny how that works out. I’ve tried to run an alliance alt, and never feels right.

Comment by Blazeaxe

Of course it doesn’t feel right! Treason is always a shameful dirty act, like voting libertarian but with midgets.

Perfect post, I love it. Though for the undead you forgot to mention their ability to not fall asleep during the weak CC methods of the Allies.

Comment by Nicoran

Totally awesome! Now I want to go home and level my troll. Stupid work.

Comment by repgrind

FOR THE HORDE! /highfive

Comment by Linedan

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