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Hard Mode Trial of the Crusader is Hard
September 14, 2009, 5:15 pm
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I just wanted to put in a quick word on “Hard Mode” (or in the official nomenclature “Heroic”) Trial of the Crusader.  You may recall my previous post on Trial of the Crusader espousing that it was rather easy compared to it’s predecessor.  At that time I expressed the opinion that Hard Mode should be harder and that if it wasn’t, it would be a disappointment.

Well, considering that I’m not in the habit of reporting world firsts I’m pleased to say that, in my opinion it is anything but a disappointment.

Allow me to elaborate by example of Gormok the Impaler (this on 10-man mind you).  Our first attempt ended unceremoniously when at about 50% (essentially the second tank swap out, if you are familiar with the fight) Gormok hit me twice in less than a second for 22k each.  Bear in mind that I have a DoT ticking on me as well for around 5k a second.  I was so dead.

And so was my fellow tank who was next in line to be gibbed, he (of course) had 3 stacks of the DoT on him.  I don’t think he lasted past one hit.

Now this may have been in part due to the now fixed parry bug in this encounter, but to put some perspective on those numbers Hodir hits about that hard… on 25 man. To get this guy down, we’re going to need to probably start popping some cooldowns and run it like we do on Iron Council hard mode, chaining cooldowns like Hand of Salvation, Guardian Spirit and Penance Pain Suppression on the tanks to make up for where Shield Wall drops off.  It is going to be crazy exciting – I know I am looking forward to it.

We’re trying 25-man tonight.  So expect a follow up post on this later this week after my repair bills have had a time to digest.


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If you think he’s hard, just wait until you get to the worm twins. (Who’ll probably surprise you with their entry while you’re busy with Gormok, as happened the first time the first time we reached them…)

Comment by KiwiRed

We brought a pretty solid group in there, and yes, you’re quite right – it’s no disappointment. Much, much harder than regular mode. It was very fun though. I tanked it on my warrior while the other tank was a prot pally. I didn’t need to blow any of my big CDs (thank you healers!) but the pally did a great job making good use of his bubbles to get rid of our debuffs at key times. If you have access to a pally, I really suggest bringing one.

I found the biggest issue here was making sure you bring some great dps. If your dps is slow, you’ll have a tough time downing the bosses before the next comes out, and ultimately, beating the enrage timer. We were downing Gormok just a couple seconds before the worms came out.

Once you get the first worm down, make sure the free tank is prepared to pick up the yeti, and he’ll probably come up with the 2nd worm still barely alive. Other than that, as long as you don’t get hit by his charge, you’ll win.

Keep up the good bloggin’!

Comment by Llamaeggs

Y’mean cooldowns like Pain Suppresion, m’dear moocow? :D

Comment by Ambrosyne

Er, um, yes.

Wait, aren’t you Holy?

Comment by Tarsus


Comment by Jov

I don’t love you anymore. :(

Comment by Ambrosyne

What did I say?

Comment by Tarsus

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