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Beer-maidens are for Tanks
September 23, 2009, 12:01 am
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I believe all of us tanks are familiar now with why Effective Health is important.  But just to re-iterate, provided you are not neglecting other important stats (notably defense), you can never have “too much” health.  This is especially true for raid tanks.

This is why I feel the need to bring your attention to this one time, once a year opportunity.  Through October 4th, you can kill Coren Direbrew in the Grim Guzzler (that is the pub in Blackrock Depths) and get, not one, but two massive stamina trinkets.  What is better, is that you can kill him multiple times in a row, once a day for each person in your party (which means you can kill him as many times in a day as you can find people who haven’t killed him yet).   I should also mention he is a real pushover.

Let me say this again, you can get both the Bitter Balebrew Charm and the Bubbling Brightbrew Charm, for a whopping +340 Stamina.  If you are like me and have terrible luck getting your hands on trinkets, this is your chance.  And, if for any reason you happen to possess (or happen to know someone that possesses) a Direbrew’s Remote, you have absolutely no excuse  not to get both of these before the holiday event ends.  Well any excuse perhaps save that you have the Heart of Iron and Juggernaut’s Vitality already.

But really, then  you would miss out on having your own Dwarvish Beer-maidens to give you beer anywhere in the world.  Either way you shake it infinite beer on 10 minute cooldown or lots more health, it boils down to the obvious question:

“Do ye want to live forever?”


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I have one and immediately replaced the Essence of Gossamer with it. If I get the other I dont know that I will replace my Black Heart with it as I really like the proc.

Comment by Darraxus

You could easily use it selectively for those fights where your primary concern is magic damage. Jarraxas would be a good example.

The bucket of extra armor on the proc is very nice, it is true, but pretty much useless for those fights where you have predictable large spikes of physical damage. So I’m anticipating that the Black Heart would probably be better for, say, Thorim and Anub’arak, but less good for Vezax or Gormok.

Comment by Tarsus

I’ll keep the Heart around for serious avoidance fights. I *like* having sexy dwarf chicks pop up so they’re my standard trinkets now. Yep, got both first day.

Comment by Karl Gallagher

Talking about bad luck for trinket drops, I tanked Norm ToC (5 man) 19 times before I saw [The Black Heart]. On the 19th run it drops and who should win the roll but one of the Ninja DPS (he was also a warrior). I had to buy it off that Mofo for 500g but I finally have it. You will lose a chunk of stam when compared to the Brewfest trinks but the proc is first class.

Comment by Mantimes

The proc *is* first class, I wish it was On Use as opposed to random.

I still equip it for fights that are strictly heavy physical damage, without predictable spikes. I’m thinking Thorim here mostly, but Anub’arak is probably a good choice as well.

Comment by Tarsus

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