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Patch 3.3: Linkfest
October 5, 2009, 10:19 am
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As promised, some follow-up from Friday’s peek at the three 5-man dungeons in Icecrown Citadel:

  • MMO Champion has a couple of screen-shot Galleries up, a more general one is attached to this post.  One focused on the Pit of Saron is here.  Matticus has some additional, more personal, shots on his post.
  • The folks at WoW.com (that’s formerly WoW Insider, you know) went into the Pit of Saron over the weekend.  Their impression of tanking is here.  Oh, and there’s some healer info as well, but who the heck cares about that?  (The TL&DR is that at the moment the instance is fairly standard 5-man fare if you are already in Tier 9 level raid epics, but probably significantly more challenging if you’re just making the move up from, say, Trial of the Champion.)

Some other interesting tidbits have also come out regarding the upcoming Patch:

  • There are weekly quests for raids given out by The Council of Six.  These give a whopping ten Emblems of Frost (that would be the token drop from Icecrown I imagine).  Currently, there are twelve of these, 3 in Naxxaramas, 4 in Ulduar, 2 in Trial of the Crusader, 1 in Icecrown Citadel, as well as Malygos and Sartharion.  Talk about something else to do with your raid if you finish early.
  • There is quite a good deal of speculation about Quel’Delar, the sword that is embedded in the ice just south of the Argent Tournament.  It seems unlikely that this will be a second Legendary in Icecrown (see Shadowmourne), and MMO Champion seems to think that it will be a quest to give it to the Argent Crusade.  Myself, I think it is more likely somehow related to Shadowmourne, perhaps the axe is salvaged from the remains of the blade?  No doubt we will find out soon enough.
  • And lastly, on the PTR they’ve taken away some of the function of Damage Shield, meaning it will no longer proc, say, Deep Wounds.  It’s almost like they really don’t like Protection Warriors having it or something.

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Damn. I wonder if Damage Shield losing the ability to trigger Deep Wounds means that the 15/5/51 build is no longer worth it and that it would be better to load those three points over into, say, Shield Specialization for the higher rage gains.

Comment by Linedan

I’m not sure. I recently have been trying Vene’s recommendation and dropping Cruelty and one of my points in improved revenge in order to raise my Shield Spec, and it is working pretty well.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the change doesn’t make it to live. Sustained Warrior AoE threat is not precisely great. You would think if Blizzard didn’t want us to use it that Death and Decay and Consecrate would also be under the microscope.

Comment by Tarsus

Assuming the raid dungeons are Tier 10, it feels like the time line has been accelerated over recent months. Will it be a long PTR? and where does that put cataclysm?

Comment by Delany

A good question. If you compare it to Sunwell, which came out the end of March of last year, it was live for almost five months before WotLK came out in early August.

So even if it went live today, that would put Cataclysm in February. I’d say early November would be a better bet, putting in in March – That’s still 1st Quarter 2010, but just barely.

Comment by Tarsus

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