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A Curse is Broken
October 7, 2009, 12:01 am
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This is a blog about tanking.

Sometimes, it is about tanking raids.

Sometimes, it’s about tanking 5-mans.

Sometimes, it’s about tanking well.

Sometimes, it’s about tanking…. stupidly.

Sometimes, rarely, it’s not about tanking.  Now is one of those times.

Axiom is cursed.  It is a rather embarrassing curse for a raid guild.  One that can sometimes sap morale, and often frustrates.

Axiom has never gotten it’s mits on a legendary.  We farmed Illidan for months, and never saw even one Warglaive let alone a secondNo bow either.  It’s a rather personal curse for me because it was also a curse that effected my previous raid life on another warrior tank.  My left half of the Bindings of the Windseeker is testament to that condition.  The right Binding dropped the first night I took off from farming Molten Core in almost eight months of raiding.  We saw a second left half drop when the bearer of the right Binding wasn’t there.  That kind of curse.  I secretly hope that Thunderfury returns in Cataclysm, just to put my regrets to rest.

I am, however, pleased to say that the curse is now broken.  This post is dedicated to that most infrequent of collaborative rewards, the completion of a Legendary Item.  Congratulations are due to Crutches, proud owner of Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings.  Now there are bubbles for everyone.


In honor of your now Legendary e-peen, Crutches, I give you this classic piece of internet wisdom.

May your internet penis always be a gigantic monster.



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Grats to you guys. Our Guild leader is still collecting the shards I believe.

Comment by Darraxus

Here’s hoping yours comes along as well! 3 Lights (which is needed to craft it) is notably harder than a normal Yogg kill, but definitely worth it, even in absence of other rewards.

Looking at the combat logs, Crutch now says that the bubbles make up a shocking 15% of his (the player is a he) healing.

Comment by Tarsus

Big congratulations to Axiom!
<3 big(ger) heals (:

Comment by Sudiin

Congratulations! I don’t think we’ve had a fragment drop in something like five weeks. It’s not helping that we’re consistently using a two-week lockout period now so we get more time on Yoggy (who we haven’t killed yet).

Comment by Linedan

@Sudiin – Thanks!

@Linedan – You need to kill Yog minus one guardian in order to craft the mace in any case, so I think you’ll find in the end that the extra time spent working was worth it. That said, I’ve heard they drop more frequently if you’re doing hard modes, so that may be worth considering for you all as well.

Comment by Tarsus

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