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Using the Mocking Blow Zone
November 9, 2009, 12:07 pm
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Oh Blue, sometimes you say the craziest Things.

“I agree with the notion that there is less of a use for Mocking Blow in the toolbox these days where tanks generally maintain enough threat, at least relative to the ‘Wait for five Sunders’ days.”

Really now, you think there is “less of a use for Mocking Blow in the toolbox”? That must qualify as one of the great overstatements of the century.  There is no threat use for Mocking Blow.  It falls below Devastate on the priority rotation.

That is not to say, however, that Mocking Blow does not have a use.  It’s even a good use, albeit one that comes under the worst of circumstances.  Most tanks, by now, are accustomed to the “Tank Swap Fight;”  Gormok the Impaler is a good example, as is Thorim.  To put it simply, tanks need to taunt off either because of a debuff of some kind, or a very large hit on a cooldown that requires the use of something like Shield Wall.  In these circumstances, it is very important that the Taunt work.

Well, sometimes Taunt doesn’t work.

Welcome to the Mocking Blow Zone.

The Mocking Blow Zone is now the most important six seconds of your life.  What you do with those six seconds and when you use those six seconds can save you from a wipe.  The Mocking Blow Zone takes advantage of Expertise, something that seems increasingly in-abundance, unlike Taunt.  The Mocking Blow Zone is only temporary, however so you must use it wisely.

In the case of a fight like Thorim, where it is essential that you get him away from the Tank that has Unbalancing Strike as soon as possible, you will want to use Mocking Blow right away.  You can then follow it up with a Challenging Shout to get you to when your Taunt cooldown is up.  It is risky, because Taunt resistance can stack up, but because of the fight mechanics you can accept that risk.

In a fight like Gormok, you should wait.  The Impales are predictable.  They always come at the same intervals.  Wait to Mocking Blow him until the Mocking Blow Zone will overlap with the Impale.  That way, you preserve the longest amount of time you avoid using Taunt again, thus avoiding stacking the Taunt resistance.  You will have more than enough time (Impales every 15 seconds, Taunt resistance cooldown is 20 seconds) to be able to taunt before the next Impale.  Staying chilly and focused will save your bacon there.

It’s worth also mentioning that Mocking Blow can be handy if you need to get a mob’s attention while you’re silenced, but you will still need to Taunt after the Silence ends.


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Honestly, if you Vig your co-tank and manage your threat, I can’t imagine a situation where I won’t get enough real taunt attempts off

Comment by Lolz

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