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Icecrown Raid Progression is a Recipe for Pain
November 23, 2009, 2:34 pm
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I am certain that many of you have heard The Plan® for gated progression in the Icecrown Raid.  It’s worth your time if you haven’t; if you plan to raid Icecrown Citadel, it is the future.

If you don’t have the time, I’ll try and put this in as few words as  I can (Twitter practice, I suppose):

Icecrown Citadel will have two methods of slowing down our progression.  The first is hard and fast: parts of the dungeon will only open after a certain number of weeks has passed.  This is similar to ToC but I suspect will be much longer in the roll out.  The second is soft and skill based: You only receive a limited number of attempts at certain key bosses.  This number is small (5 times for each wing that has become unlocked, to a max of 15) and shared among the bosses they apply to.

Needless to say, this has produced a great deal of anger and alarm among raiders.  I think a large amount of this is probably pre-mature and dependent on the difficulty of the fights in question (and the competency of the raid team).  There is, almost certainly, going to be pain though.  A lot of it.  Particularly if you are in the business of leading raids.

It is, I believe, common knowledge that the vast majority of raid teams do their thing on certain nights of the week where the critical number of available bodies is, well, available.  These dates are carved in tablets and brought down from Mt. Sinai, where they they displace the golden pug which was crafted by the misinformed.  They only change by an act of divine providence.

A lot of problems arise when you do not fill up those dates.  ToC might just have been a taste of this pain.  It is likely you either will burn through content too fast, or burn through attempts too fast.  Either way, you’ll be stuck with nothing more to do in Icecrown.

What do you do to fill the time that remains?  There is only so much VoA and Onyxia can do.  ToC is already making most of us sick. There may be no choice but to drop a day from the raid schedule.

Choosing which day will be bad enough, but the most painful choice would be to drop a day from your raid schedule because you’re going to get more attempts.  Enough for, perhaps, an extra day.  Enough that if you dropped that day you’re going to want it back.  And I will tell you from experience, getting that day back is going to be pain as well.  Raiders will make other plans, or enough plans to prevent you from getting that day back the way it was.

So that is our painful Catch-22 dear readers.  Trying to milk content to fill our current raid schedule, or raid scheduling hell.  I’m predicting a lot of the former.  ToGC with Icecrown loot, going back to unlock/defeat Algalon as well.  Oh, and don’t forget Onyxia.  Everyone needs a 22 slot bag after all.

Cataclysm is sounding really good right now.  After all of this, I would want to blow up the world too.


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