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Making Sure Blizzard Knows New Character Models = Awesome
November 25, 2009, 12:01 am
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In case you hadn’t heard, Blizzard seems to be mulling new character models for Cataclysm and Beyond.  I am hardly the first to remark on this, so I am going to cut to the chase:

If you’re going to complain about a character avatar update after five years, fuck you. I don’t know who J. Allen Brack is talking about, but whoever it is needs to get their head out of the clouds before I kick them in the fucking teeth.  This would be the most awesome thing that has happened to WoW since, well, the decided to revist and update (nay, change dramatically) the old content for the game.

The avatars for the races that came with the original game are old.  They are drop dead ugly next to the models that came with Burning Crusade, and they look like an alien species next to the Goblins and Worgen that are coming with Cataclysm.  They look out of place in the newer, high polygon areas of Outlands and Northrend, and I’m sick and tired of the Blood Elves and Draenei being the only races that actually have armor that looks like it fits on instead of floating around randomly piercing my body and horns.

If it seems bad now, then wait until there are no Vanilla WoW zones.  Or until there are no Vanilla WoW NPC models. Read the entire interview.

So, Blizzard (and particularly to you Mr. Brack and Mr. Didier) just fucking do it.  Do it yesterday.  Anyone who is whining about it will get stomped by vast majorities of people who want their characters to look cool.  I totally have your back with this.  Even if I canceled my account because Icecrown was incredibly lame and disappointing, I would totally re-activate for Cataclysm just for this.

I swear, if they pull some no-dance-studio-like bullshit after a tease like that there had better be some reckoning.  I want the Happy Tauren Dance back, and I want a new shiny avatar for Tarsus like nobodies business.  For real.

Yeah.  Just like that.  Except with a cooler looking Tauren and plate-mail instead of a dress.


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I’d just like some facial expressions on my human. Is that too much to ask?

Comment by The Renaissance Man

Oh man. I read the news and drooled a little. Non-fugly, non-stoned troll lady faces please!

Comment by Matojo

@Renaissance Man – I think a lower lip would be a great improvement. Maybe also mages that don’t look like football players as well.

@Matojo – Male trolls could also get some good facial definition improvements. Think Zul’jin.

Comment by Tarsus

Forget the new character models, if the freakin goblins are getting go-karts anything like the one in that sketch, I may just have to get out the crowbar, pry open my wallet and cross over to the Hoarde side of things!

Comment by Wiredude

Amen! We definitely need some new models. I cannot even see any of my armor or weapons 90% of the time. At least make the Horde rotten broccoli different from the Alliance rotten broccoli.

Can’t wait to see the new stuff on my up and coming warrior.

Comment by Night

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