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I don’t want to run ToC 10 (dammit)
December 2, 2009, 12:01 am
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In case it hasn’t been said enough on the WoW Blog-o-sphere, I’m going to add to the chorus my own voice and say that I’m not the biggest fan of Trial of the Crusader.  I’ve hinted at this, but for the purpose of this bit of outrage I’m about to produce, it is key to acknowledge this openly.

I thought that I could get away with doing ToC only once a week in the interest of maintaining my gear progression.

I thought that this would be sufficient, seeing as I was also wiping for hours and hours on Trial of the Grand Crusader as well.

I was wrong.

And I’m fucking pissed off that it feels like Blizzard designed what must rank in their worst raid instances of all time to require me to run the 10 man version as well.

Why?  Because there is no goddamn +hit tanking gear in ToC 25.  None.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing. I have expertise falling out of my ass, but I’m fucking starving for +hit.  It’s like some moron in the item design department decided that if iLevel = 245 it needs expertise.

Surely this moron read a bit much into Veneretio’s excellent piece on how Expertise is always better than Hit.  Because, generally, it is.

Except when it is so fucking important that you use abilities that don’t get any benefit from Expertise.

I’m talking about Demoralizing Shout and Thunderclap… AND FUCKING TAUNT.  When you spend four hours wiping on Northrend Beasts, where taunting mobs is kinda important you notice when your Taunts miss a lot.  And they miss a lot. It’s like this gigantic conspiracy to make Glyph of Taunt actually useful.  And since I want to actually use my gear from the raid instance that I am doing, I just might have to get it.  Why?  You know where all the goddamn hit gear is?

Fucking Trial of the Crusader 10-man.

I am not going to fucking run fucking Trial of the fucking Crusader fucking three times a week.  It shouldn’t take more than two brain-cells firing at random to realize that no one in their right mind wants to run the same raid three times per week.  This isn’t rocket science.  It’s not even basic game design.  It’s about not being bored out of my fucking mind.

Goddamn it.  I sure hope Patch 3.3 hits next week.  I am so sick of this bullshit.


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I bring with me into TOC a stack of each glyph: Spell Reflect + Rapid Charge(for faction champs), Taunt(for beasts), Last Stand, Vigilance(for beasts/Jaraxxus/valkyrs), and blocking(for valkyrs + Anub). As of tomorrow, I’ll also be bringing glyph of Shockwave in just in case we decide to switch our interruption strat on Anub’s adds. WTB 24 slots bags!

Comment by Fustigator

I’m not having much of an issue with +hit on my gear… granted I am running 10 man ToC for the most part right now (doing ony and Ulduar 10/25 every chance I get as well), so maybe not having replaced my hit gear with expertise is a slight (and un-looked for) advantage.

My expertise is rather poor though and I end up gemming for it when I’m looking for slot/meta bonuses.

Looks like Blizz is making us decide which of the 2 evils is the lesser… which do you sacrifice when both are needed?

Don’t even get me started on how often I’ve had to re-gem/enchant for def when nice expertise or hit gear came my way but had little or no defense

Comment by Kudos

If you raid mostly 10-mans, it’s not really better.

Have fun getting a new tanking cloak to replace the badge of valor sidegrade from 10-man Vezax. You’ll eventually get one.

In the trophy cache of Tribute to Mad Skill, requiring you to finish the bloody instance with 5 or less wipes.

Comment by Saithir

I agree, Trial of the Crusader probably is the worst designed raid I’ve yet experienced. And some of it is just the damned Faction Champs fight. I took my tank in there for the first time last night. We 1-shot Beasts, and Jaraxxus. And spent 2 hours bashing our heads against the Faction Champs. Look, I do actually enjoy BG PvP a bit, but for crying out loud, if I want to PvP I’ll go PvP. If I want to raid, then I go raid. I very much like the fact that both facets of the game exist. However, I don’t at all like that I am being forced to do one while doing the other.

Comment by Wiredude

Just a heads up, if you are having trouble on Faction Champs, make sure that EVERYONE who can dispel is dispelling constantly, like nearly 100 times or more over the course of the fight.
You can do a lot wrong on that fight and still get through if you get that part right.

Comment by Kobeathris

I think some of it was as much a poor match-up as anything else. The raid was made up of 1 prot-warrior(me), 1 prot-pally, 2 resto-shammy, 2 mages, 1 hunter, 1 lock, and 2 ret pallys, which we switched out (same players dif toons) for a rogue and yet another resto-shammy.
We drew Tree-Druid, Priest, Ele-shammy, Rogue, Mage, Lock.
Our general strat was me charging the priest and Intimidating Shout to spread everything out a bit. Our lock CCing their tree, the prot pally tying up the rogue, and we tried burning the priest, then moving to either the rogue, or the tree, but we never managed to get a 2nd one down reasonably, either diminishing returns would cause breaks on the tree CC, and the almost dead rogue would get healed, or our healers were getting jacked by everything we weren’t trying to burn/CC.

Comment by Wiredude

*** As long as this isn’t hard mode Togc .. cant be taunted o.o so get your tanks as dps or heals. I am a Drood tanks and I use my healing spec (pvp/pve one) and I root I cyclone, heal heal, cyclone, root etc.

Were you rotating taunts on your targets so they didn’t eat the healers?
That isn’t too bad of a set up really I have seen much worse, with the lock it ‘should’ have been more than doable.
Make sure you fear them every chance and have one of the shammies purging if required especially on the tree, have the prot pally cycling taunts on the rogue, shammy and lock – first 2 being most important *remember that on this encounter you can only taunt the target 3 times by the same person, not enough ppl use this but get your ret pallies, yes I said ret to throw an occasional taunt, it could save your healers). I would have the prot warrior (yourself) on the priest interrupting everything that you can on him, have all of your shammies have tremor down, and 1 or more the slow one, and this is an awesome trick the totem that eats a cast (name of it escapes me atm) but if the mage tries to sheep you that will get targeted instead make sure its always up.
Okay kill order… Priest, either drood or shammy, if you can successfully use your lock to CC him long enough (** remember diminishing returns, unless you have 2 locks then they take turns) to kill the shammy then by all means do that, personally I would kill the Tree so Mr. Tree needs to die, use one of your shammies (make sure they all cast the earth shield on themselves for this encounter) to purge everything off that drood, if all he does is spam it then that’s fine, get the prot warrior to kick all nourishes and nuke baby nuke, the go and interrupt the ebil lock make sure your Prot pally and ret pally (throw on occasional) keep up the taunts, then I would kill the shammy or lock keep him off your healers, remember frogs can be thrown if someone is beating on you healers.

Really after the healers die then it should be dominos, make sure your dps are always focus fireing the same target to nuke at all times. But don’t loose track of the CC abilities that you have and use them every chance you can.

FEAR is AWESOME!!! So make sure you and the lock use it every single time it is up.

Pallies can fear the lock pet so he doesn’t interrupt your healers.

There are 2 options on hero, pop it on the Priest or pop it on the drood, I would save it for the drood.

Anyway my 2 copper and for that encounter with that make up, hope it helps!

Comment by Kiramaren/Shadowhisper

[…] just because I know he hates the word blog even though he never reads my blog) it would sound like this … only a wee bit angrier and with some mention of badily harm inflicted upon the […]

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As a mage, I’m sick of the place too

Comment by theerivs

Ya, I’ve definitely got a “taunt” set that’s made up of primarily ToGC10 gear. I’ve also got the benefit of running 2 prot specs so my survival oriented one runs Glyph of Taunt in favour of Glyph of Last Stand.

As Fustigator said, all you can really do is bring a stack of Glyph of Taunts for those days where the odds are against you.

Comment by Veneretio

A fucking men brotha.

Comment by Fallstaff

Starting 25-man ToC, I had 300 hit. Now, with most of my gear at ilevel 245 I’ve got 167 and it’s been as low as 115. Guys in my raid tell me that top-end progression tanks (like, MTs in top-5 US guilds) are running with as little as 87 hit now. So keep that Glyph of Taunt handy.

At least the T9 tank legs have some +hit on them, because not much else in Trial of the Big Boring Round Room does.

Comment by Linedan

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