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I <3 High Overlord Saurfang
December 16, 2009, 12:01 am
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Last night was the best night of raiding since 3.2 came out.

It didn’t start out seeming like it was going to be the win that it turned out to be.  We had some trouble with Lady Deathwhisper on Thursday, and we were coming at her again with an off-spec tank and only 5 healers.  But with some changes in strategy (using crowd control on the mobs closest to Lady Deathwhisper when they spawn, and keeping 3 shadow priests on the boss through the whole of phase 1), we brought her down the second time we made it to phase 2.

Which means we got to do the gunship battle.


Some people do not understand why High Overlord Saurfang is so cool.  The facts are not enough for these people.  Well, let me set the record straight.  This is the man that tanked and killed the Colossi, perhaps the largest boss ever to walk Azeroth, practically by himself.  This man is the reason why, up until he moved to Northrend, the Alliance never went through the front door of Orgrimmar.  He is the most bad-ass warrior on the entire planet.  It is the height of awesome to get to fight with/for this orc.

No wonder the Alliance did not have a chance.

I cannot even begin to say how much fun the Gunship battle is.  The concept behind the fight as a tank is fairly simple, but the resulting skill check means that a hair’s breath can separate you from victory and death.  Muradin is no Saurfang, but he still hits plenty hard when that buff gets up there, which means you have to be lightning fast with the use of that jet-pack.  You cannot do it too soon, because otherwise your DPS will die like chumps, but if you wait too long, you’ll be dwarf chow.


Activate pack, target ship.  Activate pack, target ship.  My adrenaline starts going just thinking about it.  It’s not about threat.  It’s not about gear.  It’s just you.  And your Jet pack.  And a ten thousand foot drop that you better not miss.  (That’s 1000d6, in case you D&D players might have forgotten) .  And man, let me tell you, I got nailed by Muradin several times.  I fell off the damn boat.  My jet pack got me stuck on every single god damn thing you can imagine (the ironically named life boat comes prominently to mind).  Even when we won I went down with the goddamn enemy ship, laughing and cursing like a loon.

Oh, and by the way, High Overlord Saurfang personally teleports you to the Deathbringer’s Rise for the boldness of your sacrifice.  There, you get to bathe in his awesomeness and have him all to yourself while the rest of your group waits to dock.

So.  *ahem* Yeah, the gunship battle was awesome.

For the Horde!


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This is all true, but I will still giggle every time he says, “Rise up, sons of the horde!”

Comment by spinks

Getting to cross blades with the master of the cleave was an amazing experience. More so than any of the freakishly huge bosses of Ulduar and ToC, the gunship battle really kind of gave me the feel of being a hero.

Comment by The Renaissance Man

More so than any of the freakishly huge bosses of Ulduar and ToC, the gunship battle really kind of gave me the feel of being a hero.

Renaissance Man summed it up perfectly.

Comment by Jov

You cows and orcs need to have Saurfang’s help, else you wouldn’t get anywhere.

We, the Alliance, get to fight him on his boat.

So, who’s more badass? ;)

(On a more serious note, the gunship battle is just full of awesome. Even though we had to enlist in Alliance Suicide Squad at the end.)

Comment by Saithir

@Spinks,Renaissance,Jov- Contrast it with “Faction Champions.” Can we say Faction Based PvE done right?

@Saithir- Yeah, but despite your efforts, you could keep him down.

Comment by Tarsus

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