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Rotface is one ugly fight
January 18, 2010, 12:38 pm
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We have been wiping on Rotface enough that I feel like I have a pretty good idea of the way this fight is supposed to work.  I will say, however, that I don’t feel like we’re particularly any closer to beating him because of it.  Let me tell you, tank boys and girls, Rotface is one ugly bastard.

In this drama, I play the tank with the easier job – actually tanking Rotface.  Now, he can melee pretty hard, but mainly My job is to keep him in the middle of the room, and play monkey in the middle with him and the DPS.  By that, I mean that when he sprays, the DPS runs behind him, and right before he goes back to melee I step in front of him.  It keeps the DPS up by making them move only the once.

The harder job in this fight goes to a Paladin tank, kiting the big slime around the room.  There are several reasons for this:  First and most importantly is it gives the kiting tank control of dispelling Mutated Infection.  Second, Paladins have quite good ranged threat capacity. And Third, should it be necessary, the Paladin can use Blessing of Freedom to run through the green slime pools without be slowed down.

We have this execution down really well, we on the tank team.  Yet, despite this, the following problems occur:

  • A shaman (generally) pulls healing threat on the small slime that spawns right after Mutated Infection is dispelled, resulting in a small slime in the raid.  Supposedly, this is impossible, but I’ve seen it often enough to know that this is not really true.
  • Same as above, but as the result of the mutated infection victim dying.
  • During the Unstable Ooze Explosion, we run out too early, spreading the explosion way too far and killing people.
  • Same as above, but too late and getting people with lag killed.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we can execute this dance of death repeatedly without incident very very often.  However, the major block for us right now is the fact that each time the dance gets a little faster (and hence, the above conditions happen more often) and eventually it nails us.

And here is the clincher after a fashion:

In the weeks and months after all twelve encounters are unlocked, additional attempts against the final four boss encounters become available. This represents the Ashen Verdict growing more powerful and gaining a stronger foothold in Icecrown Citadel. To further help raids, Varian Wrynn and Garrosh Hellscream will begin to provide assistance by inspiring the armies attacking Icecrown Citadel. This is represented as an additional zone wide spell effect applied to all players that will increase their hit points, damage dealt, and healing done. This effect will also increase in effectiveness over time. Players may opt out of the spell’s effect if they so wish.(Source)

We have a limited time to do this with our pride as raiders intact.  Now, my understanding is that this won’t start up until after the Lich King is available – but if we’re stuck trying to get to Putricide until after that buff goes off – it is going to hurt.


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Oh, don’t worry, your pride will be intact either way. Blue posts’ve already said you can turn the buff off.

Comment by Stop

The question is more if we can resist the urge to turn it off when we haven’t had a chance to hit Sindragosa or the Lich King yet.

Comment by Tarsus

I really really hate that kiting is so much easier for a paladin or druid on this fight. It cripples us if one isn’t available.

Why do paladins have to be so much better at everything these days?

Comment by spinks

Do you use a druid for this fight? We have a druid tank that is on DPS for this fight so it could be useful information should our paladin take a night off.

Comment by Tarsus

It really feels like Wrath has been the expansion of Paladins and Death Knights. That’s okay; every class needs their time in the sun.

But as someone who doesn’t play one of those classes in the endgame, it’s been a less than satisfying experience.

Comment by Cynwise

I agree Spinks, only replace druid with Death Knight. Our druid did a slightly worse job kiting than I did…which was horrible to say the least.

Comment by mandalus

We finally got this down on 10 with me main tanking and another warrior kiting the ooze, he actually was able to keep threat up on the ooze with heroic throw and using his thrown weapon, with the occasional call for a misdirect from our hunter.

During the ooze explosions, I have been treating it like legion flame on Jaraxus, I just make a big strafing loop around then back to the center. That lets me see where the slime is falling and avoid it if needed.

The biggest hurdle for us was 30%, since that seems to be where the infection speeds up. I’m pretty sure everyone was just concentrating on dealing with that and saying to hell with dps until we got through that period… it slows down a bit if you make it through the surge. I also told my healers to tell me if they wanted me to pop cooldowns if raid healing got too intense, on our wipes, I could go an extra 30 seconds or so on Rotface after everyone died, so being able to let them concentrate on the rest oft he raid really helps.

Comment by Kobeathris

Confirmed, 30% is the “things get interesting” point, people need to be on their toes for the dash of death and to be quick getting slimes out of the middle. We have everyone except the kiter and those with slimes in melee, but in phase 2 there’s a chance that we’ll have two slimes in the middle resulting in a big one right in the pack… wipe.

That said we’ve finally got the dance right and are wiping on fester, he’s just as ugly.

Comment by Korenwolf

What really helped us was something Ridach of Righteous Defense recommended: Have everyone be stacked on one side of the boss. When the Unstable Ooze Explosion happens, instead of running to a corner of the room, have everyone just switch sides right after slimes go in the air. Minimizes DPS downtime, which is important, as the slime spawn is on a timer, not health-based. The tank doesn’t have to move – he can take a flying slime hit.

We haven’t tried Putricide on 25-man, and I shudder to think about it. Having seen him on 10-man, the amount of co-ordination and focus needed is pretty high.

Comment by Figworth

Your first issue with the fight seems like a misinterpretation of the actual mechanic, I think. What I observed is that whenever someone is dispelled they have 500,000 threat on the small slime that drops from them. So, they must be the ones that run to the big slime. I think what’s happening is your shaman just runs slow or is unaware that he or she is getting hit with the debuff at all.

The way we actually do the fight is we have a shaman drop cleansing totem in group 2 where all our healers sit and it just automatically removes the debuff. We do this to save cooldowns because our approach to the fight is we remove the debuff asap. Because ultimately, the debuff does about the same amount of damage as a small slime eating someone and in the latter scenario you actually get to do full healing to them.

So for us the fight is dispel quick and run to the ooze. The beauty of this is that at the end it’s not chaos. We aren’t constantly waiting for someone to get to the outside. We just dispel the ooze and they run. Rather than wait for someone to understand that they have to move.

Finally, what makes this work is that everyone knows they have to stick with the boss. So at under 30%, I’m moving the boss a lot. If I see a big ooze spawn in the middle, I move the boss away. If the add tank needs to run the ooze through the middle, I run him away. Most importantly, when the explosions are happening everyone sticks with the boss as I move him out so that if a slime spray happens, they can easily move out of the way.

Initially I thought dispelling immediately was insane and a cleansing totem even crazier, but I was like you where I kept being in the same position… hitting 30%ish and everything just fell apart. Ultimately, we learned that the biggest issue was the healing debuff and slime spray… once we solve those issues, we kill him.

Comment by Veneretio

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