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Ode to the Bear
January 29, 2010, 1:55 pm
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Oh Bear! Though thy bottom is great in size

And thy avoidance gimped in Icecrown raids;

You have a character that is a prize

With An aspect that never truly fades.

‘Tis not thy health – though ’tis matched by no one.

‘Tis not thy mitigation – though quite nice.

‘Tis not thy dance – if amusing and fun.

‘Tis not thy gear – no plate to sacrifice.

In Kitty form you’re of the highest rank,

The time to see you’re the best half-a-tank.

Props to all those bears out there – your ability to swap from DPS to Tank to DPS in the middle of a fight continues to amaze me.


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Many a time did raids I been in turn from the verge of a wipe because a cat turned bear and started offtanking an add on Sarth and suchlike. I was, just like you, so impressed with this I decided to roll a bear.

Now due to new guild I've been 'forced' to go mainspec kitty, but already have I saved a raid from wiping on Onyxia trash in my faux-bear :D
Sure, 42k health fully raidbuffed is .. awful, but at least none of the other dps can outthreat you. Hehe!

Comment by Meka

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