Tanking for Dummies

The Creeping Death
April 1, 2009, 12:01 am
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I am not in this case referring to the classic Dungeons and Dragons cleric spell that summoned hordes of biting insects, cool as that might be.  This refers to a rather painful incident recently durring what had come to be a challenged that I relished.

After several weeks of getting raid members the Gonna Gotta Go When the Volcano Blows achievement, we were rolling up on Sartharion with his three friends up.  Things seemed pretty relaxed.  After all, prior to our three week binge on achievements to knock out requirements on Glory of the Raider we had been downing this fight pretty regularly and we generally knocked it out pretty quickly.  But this was not to be.

We wiped through the night.  I, personally, ate a lot of hits from lava walls and even void zones, which is just sloppy.  I even personally caused a wipe by accidently clicking on a Twilight Portal while trying to grab a loose elemental.  Even when we knocked Shadron out of the equation it tooks us 3 attempts to finish the fight.  I could at this point make a point about non-optimal raid set up, or a host of other petty points to explain why we wiped for three and a half hours, but that is a bunch of crap.  There are three words to explain why we couldn’t do that night what we had done every week the previous month:

We Forgot How.

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No Faith in Achievements
March 13, 2009, 12:01 am
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I am not overwhelmed by jealousy at your fancy plagued proto-drake.  Your “Immortal” title just says to me that you were lucky that no one lagged out or disconnected.  I am glad we can agree at least part of “Love Fool” might be accurate to describe what you just achieved.

So, no, I am not impressed.

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