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The 5 Characteristics of the Happy Tank
June 10, 2009, 12:01 am
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Following up on Monday’s thoughts on leveling prot warriors, it occurs to me I didn’t say anything about who might find it fun. Given all the changes that have been made to Tanking in WoW, I dare say there is no better time to pick up a tank than now.  This has been a pretty exclusive club so far, but the dis-incentives that were put into tanking have all but vanished, and the there is that whole Death Knights start at 55 thing going.

That said, some things haven’t changed and I cannot help shake the impression that tanking is still not for everyone.  That is perhaps doubly so for we Warriors who Tank.  However, given that there will be many people now who are taking a second look at tanking I wanted to provide a bit of insight into what I think characterizes Warrior Tanks.  So if you’re thinking of making a tank, or even dual-speccing to tank, consider these following traits.

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Some thoughts on Leveling a Warrior Tank
June 8, 2009, 12:01 am
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In case you haven’t been following it, my long lost Bro-on-another-server Linedan has been put together an awesome and comprehensive Protection Warrior leveling guide for those of you thinking of rolling with the best.  For ease of navigation, let me point you in the right direction (apologies for the pingback spam in advance Lewis):

This series has inspired me to put in a few words on what I consider to be some of the points of leveling a Warrior Tank.  Some of these points echo what the Panzercow  has said because I think they’re extra important.  Others are little extra tips from my own experience.

But first let me say that I am a big advocate for Protection Warriors.  I have two of them.  Even before the massive buff in 3.0, I thought they were the cat’s pajamas.  I may have leveled Tarsus as Fury, but I just couldn’t contain myself and I ended up speccing Prot on him anyway.  This may have been because I was tanking on him anyway, but considering I do this on my Blood Specced Deathknight I think this is more of an addiction that I just make easier when I’m the “tank spec.”

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