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Ulduar Journal: Two Days, Two Bosses
April 20, 2009, 12:01 am
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Like many Raid Guilds, Axiom cued up this past Tuesday to get a first crack at Ulduar.  Also, like many others, this was a first glimpse inside the instance for most of us having not engaged in the test realm shenanigans.  Over all it has been pretty exciting stuff that energizes rather than drains.  You can almost feel the engagement seeping back into things with long threads on the forums dedicated to bits we’ve had problems with.

Here is my initial impressions:

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Props to the Off-Tank
March 9, 2009, 12:01 am
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“Main Tank”

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?  “Main Tank” definitely conjures up some pretty bold images.  Maybe an M-1 Abrahms, or some crazy German Panzer.  At the very least, for some of us, it conjures up images of some guy with a landshark hat and a spiked car door who was so much better, faster, and richer than you that your hard earned gold just up and walked out of your bags for the privilege of paying his repair bill.

The job of “Main Tank” was the prerogative of the warrior.  We had access to every mitigation stat and the itemization to back it up.  Blizzard invariably found ways to make us look like a moron in the gear they gave us, but damned if they didn’t bend over backwards to make sure we had gear.  We were the tanks and the “Main Tank” was the best damn warrior a group could find most of the time.  The name was practically synonymous with excellence, and thanks to the ridiculous looking armor it was pretty easy to pick out who was a main tank at the mailbox.

I know many who still operate under these assumptions.  Let me assure you that the world is a very different place, and especially for warriors, it is time to take a whole new look at things.  It is the year of the elite off-tank, that is for sure.

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