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Top 10 Ways to Know Your Tank is a Noob.
March 20, 2009, 12:01 am
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Everyone wants a good tank for their group.  Obviously, not all tanks can be Cinderhelm and Veneretio.  Sometimes you are stuck with me.  Sometimes, you are stuck with me on a cold day in January three years ago.  Just because you spec protection doesn’t make you a tank.

Yes, I once was a Noob (perhaps, as is the case in some strains in Buddhism, some might say I have the noob’s mind).  I have made most if not all of the mistakes I am about to list at some point in my now lengthy career as a tank.  Some of them I have made more than others.  While some might say that I learn best by failing, I think pretty much all of these lessons I wish someone had told me about before I wiped a group with them.

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So a Warrior Walks into a Pug…
February 27, 2009, 12:01 am
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I will fully admit I have a ingrained hatred of pugging.  Part of this is being spoiled by having great guild mates and being married to my healer.  The other part is that as my gear gets better, it is less and less cost effective to pug.  There’s not even much I can buy for Emblems of Heroism.

So every time I enter a pug, I find myself sizing up my group mates according to the stereotypes I’ve accrued over past experiences.  If I’ve never met you before, I’ll admit, I am going to be thinking of you as the worst of your kind (and believe me I’ve seen bad).  That tendency, I have begun to realize, is exactly the sort of behavior that I get into in other RPGs.

Especially those from the old World of Darkness.

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