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It’s MINE.
August 17, 2009, 7:19 am
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The Black Heart

At last!  It only took me ten attempts to finally get my hands on it.  Between that and my Essence of  Gossamer I’m not really missing that Heart of Iron.  Much.

This does bring me, however, back to an interesting topic – namely that I have a lot of difficulty with drops for certain slots – namely trinkets and weapons.  I realize this is something of a perception issue but it almost invariably comes back to those three slots for me.  I’m sure my continuing rant about Loken and his Seal of the Pantheon must be growing stale at this point (I’ll get you one day, you overcharged bastard), but it represents a certain amount of truth concerning my luck with drops.  God forbid that I need an epic trinket from a raid.  I’ll be the very last tank in the raid to get it, and it will get sharded 4 times when it drops on nights that I am not there.

Ah well, I know you guys have had similar problems.  The same day that I got my hands on The Black Heart I saw my first drop of the Red Sword of Courage.  I am sure that many of us remember that item with not too few groans.  With that in mind, here’s hoping my fellow tanks the best of luck with loot drops in the near future, may the random number generator favor you this week!


RNG, my ancient nemesis, we meet again.
March 23, 2009, 12:01 am
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Ghostcrawler has implied that Blizzard has an issue with RNG mechanics, at least as far as players are concerned.  I can understand this on principle: deciding the results of a battle by a roll of the dice is not a fair measure of skill.  I would imagine that this is the purpose of PvP.

That said,  I cannot help but notice that Blizzard has developed a kind of fetish for developing encounters dependent on randomness.  My frustration with this can perhaps only be matched by a priest caught in the sights of a mace-spec rogue.  I must inquire what bright mind in arguably one of the greatest game studios in the world thought this was a good idea.

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