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I <3 High Overlord Saurfang
December 16, 2009, 12:01 am
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Last night was the best night of raiding since 3.2 came out.

It didn’t start out seeming like it was going to be the win that it turned out to be.  We had some trouble with Lady Deathwhisper on Thursday, and we were coming at her again with an off-spec tank and only 5 healers.  But with some changes in strategy (using crowd control on the mobs closest to Lady Deathwhisper when they spawn, and keeping 3 shadow priests on the boss through the whole of phase 1), we brought her down the second time we made it to phase 2.

Which means we got to do the gunship battle.


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It’s a Boar!
October 9, 2009, 12:01 am
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I personally thing that the new Tier 10 looks awesome.  As far as the texturing goes, it probably looks more like actual armor than most of the tier sets.  There are some things I am sure we could quibble about, the fact that once again the Horde (red) version looks infinitely cooler than the Alliance version (blue).  I just have one small, teensy problem.

I’m going to have to be correcting people about the animal on the shoulders.

It’s not a pig.  It’s a boar.

You might want to practice saying it in the mirror, because it would seem that you’re going to be saying it for some time to come – or something like it.  Apparently Blizzard has this crazy idea that Warriors should not have animals on their shoulders that could be un-ambiguously wild.  First it was the Sheep/Goat/Ram thing.  Now we have the Pig/Boar thing.  What are we doing here?  Putting on a production of Animal Farm?  Seriously folks.

Druids?  Nothing ambiguous about stags or moose.

Shamans?  Nothing ambiguous about wolves.

Hunters?  Nothing ambiguous about anything.  Remember the giant blinking eyes on their shoulders?

But Warriors?  We can’t even get a predator on our shoulders, let alone something that’s unabashedly un-domesticated.

So here’s some future inspiration Blizzard:  How about something that makes us look like a Bear?  Hell, even a badger would be preferably unambiguous, if probably stupid looking considering who is designing it.  Or, you know what, how about no animals what-so-ever.  History is replete with awesome looking examples of plate armor that have no animal symbolism.

I’m not picky, my blue worded friends.  All I want is armor that doesn’t leave me open to ridicule.  They have focus groups for this, but I’m sure if you just asked Ratshag he would be happy to inform you that there’s a pig on the shoulders.  What can I say?  The orc has taste.

I suppose at least I don’t have to worry about Saurfang eating me.  Not that I wouldn’t wipe ten thousand times over just to have a chance to fight by the side of the greatest warrior who ever lived.

Oh wait. I do.

Man I love being Horde. Sometimes you really need pity the Alliance.  You all miss so much awesome, it’s not even funny.

Faction Transfers are go!
September 4, 2009, 7:30 am
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Well, not really for me, I already have a high level warrior on both sides of my sever (I did mention I love my warriors, right?).  But for you dear reader, this could be very exciting indeed.

In honor of this occasion, I want to put out a special message.  It’s a message of solidarity.  Onefullness even:

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