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I don’t want to run ToC 10 (dammit)
December 2, 2009, 12:01 am
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In case it hasn’t been said enough on the WoW Blog-o-sphere, I’m going to add to the chorus my own voice and say that I’m not the biggest fan of Trial of the Crusader.  I’ve hinted at this, but for the purpose of this bit of outrage I’m about to produce, it is key to acknowledge this openly.

I thought that I could get away with doing ToC only once a week in the interest of maintaining my gear progression.

I thought that this would be sufficient, seeing as I was also wiping for hours and hours on Trial of the Grand Crusader as well.

I was wrong.

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Hard Mode Trial of the Crusader is Hard, pt 3

Gormok has fallen.  The only update I’m going to specifically add to my original post on the matter was I have discovered that Last Stand is pretty much as effective as Shield Wall, and lets you save Shield Wall for more important things. However, having done it now dozens of times, I’m confident about the strategy I put forward otherwise.  It gets the Impaler down in a timely manner.

Acidmaw and Dreadscale are another matter.

Our strategy has one Tank always on Acidmaw, and two on Dreadscale.  DPS, regardless, focuses on Acidmaw.  When Dreadscale is mobile, the two tanks swap off, with whichever tank that has Burning Bile moving to clense the Paralytic Toxin.  When Dreadscale is stationary, it is the responsibility of whichever player(s) get Burning bile to free the Acidmaw tank.  If the Acidmaw tank becomes paralyzed, using a Guardian Spirit, Penance, or other healer cooldown may be necessary.  When Acidmaw dies, Tanks swap out tanking the enraged Dreadscale using Shield Wall, and DPS focuses down the worm.

Things we need to do better to make this strategy work:

  • DPS performance needs to be 100%.  Needless to say, Trial of the Grand Crusader puts a real focus on individual performance.  This is our biggest issue.
  • Ranged DPS and Healers need to spread out more when Dreadscale is stationary.
  • Whomever gets Burning Bile needs to be on their toes.
  • DPS with Paralytic Toxin need to keep DPS on and not move.
  • Tanks need to be better about using some cooldowns (Enraged Regeneration, Shield Block, Potions, etc) if their healers become paralyzed.

Simply put we cannot get Dreadscale down before the presence of Icehowl destroys us (generally his via his frost breath).  DPS is insufficient mostly because people die, hence the need to spread out more, but we’ve lost just as many attempts because tanks die either because their healers bite it, or because the healers are paralyzed.

I’ll keep updating this series when breakthroughs occur.  Just remember, tanks who are in the same boat as me: it’s supposed to be this hard.  The problems are not because of tank ability favoritism (e.g. Vezax), no tank is going to be better at this than another.  Keep your individual performance high, and encourage the same in your other raid members, and we’ll all be talking about Jarraxas next.

Pro-Tip: Keep your Prot Warriors Prot For Faction Champions
September 21, 2009, 12:01 am
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There is a lot of, shall we say, righteous fury in the general WoW raider community over the Faction Champions fight in Trial of the Crusader.  For the record, I agree with most of the sentiments issued: the implementation of PvP-like encounters in a PvE environment is just, simply put, not fun.  This is coming from a person who even said that something of this variety would have been an interesting addition.  To say I am disappointed should be obvious.

However, Blizzard has stated simply that they are unlikely to change the encounter much.  Given that, a raid has to do what a raid has to do – kill them deader than dead.

The first impulse for many raid would be to make the best use they can of Dual Spec and have their raid swap in PvP talent builds trying to maximize survivability.  There are serious advantages here, but let me be straightforward here – do not do this to your Protections Warriors.

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Hard Mode Trial of the Crusader is Hard, pt. 2
September 16, 2009, 12:01 am
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So, as established in the previous post, Heroic Mode Gormok the Impaler is hard.  As should be no surprise, it’s just as hard on 25-man.  Monday night there was a lot of death on my first Gormok Wipefest.

But we did it.

It was, as I thought, very much like Iron Council Hard Mode – careful coordination of cooldowns to live through the brutally high hits, particularly Impale.  Our method after the break.

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Hard Mode Trial of the Crusader is Hard
September 14, 2009, 5:15 pm
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I just wanted to put in a quick word on “Hard Mode” (or in the official nomenclature “Heroic”) Trial of the Crusader.  You may recall my previous post on Trial of the Crusader espousing that it was rather easy compared to it’s predecessor.  At that time I expressed the opinion that Hard Mode should be harder and that if it wasn’t, it would be a disappointment.

Well, considering that I’m not in the habit of reporting world firsts I’m pleased to say that, in my opinion it is anything but a disappointment.

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Review: Trial of the Crusader (Normal Mode)
August 28, 2009, 12:01 am
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I’ve now had the distinct pleasure of running Trial of the Crusader on both 25-man and 10-man Normal modes, and though no one has faced down Anub’arak yet I think I can say with some confidence that the experience has been at least interesting thus far.

However, simply put, after working over Ulduar for several months and recently starting on several “Hard Modes” therin, I can’t help but feel something disturbing about the Trial of the Crusader raid experience.  Perhaps it is the speed of the boss-fights, or utter lack of trash, or the quality of the gear, but…

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